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Glass Ceilings: Hillary Clinton and the fascist Marine Le Pen

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 12 November 2016

"We have never had a female President we need one now" they said. "But she is an appalling and dreadful woman" we countered and then she lost. " A big reason was sexism, it was because she was a woman, the glass ceiling is still there " They said. That of course is America 2016 and they are the progressive liberals and we are the reactionary conservatives. You know the sort of folk who saw our party elect a woman as our country's leader back in 1979 while the left wing parties have stuck with white male leaders all along.

Anyhow next year it is France and at 2/1 with the bookies Marine Le Pen is the second favourite to be the country's first female President. While I would argue that Mrs Clinton was the wrong choice for President for all sorts of reasons but notably that she is a criminal I would also argue that Madame Le Pen is unsuitable for all sorts of reasons but notably that she is a bit of a fascist.

But how do the progressives view this one. Having made Hillary's gender a key reason why should we should back her what do they reckon to the French contest? Will they tweet #ImwithHer and bang on about glass ceilings? If Marine loses will they put that down to sexism too? What do you think?

For the avoidance of doubt #Imnotwithher in both cases. Does that make me a sexist?

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