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Donald Trump leaks classified data to the Russians ( or did he?): Western liberal press so blinkered it works to save ISIS

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 16 May 2017

The uber liberal fake news outlet the Washington Post broke the story which may or may not actually be true. Given its history or Trump bashing, bogus opinion poll interpretation and all round fake news, many of us would not believe the Washington Post if it declared that the sun was going to rise tomorrow. Notwithstanding that, the BBC and other bastions of liberal Trump hating have been going to town on the "Trump leaks state secrets to the Russians" story. The liberals again demand impeachment as they do every week or so. In doing so they show their ultimate moral bankruptcy.

Let us give the Washington Post the benefit of the doubt and assume that, for once, it was not pushing fake news. What is Trump alleged to have handed to the Russians? Apparently it was intelligence on ISIS.

In Iraq the US is fighting ISIS. In Syria it is Russia who is helping the regime fight ISIS. While we in the West support other islamofascist fighters whose ranks include a number of recent defectors from ISIS. God only knows why we in the West are backing these nutjobs who like decapitating 12 year old boys and chucking civilians off high buildings but we are. And our misguided involvement means that the US must have data on Syria which could help Russia to wipe out ISIS.

Since ISIS operates on a cross border basis if it gets its butt kicked in Syria by Russia that will help the butt kicking in Iraq which the USA is driving. Does it not make complete sense for Trump to assist Russia in wiping out ISIS in Syria?

Indeed given the appalling acts that ISIS sponsors across the globe is there not a strong moral case for applauding Donald Trump's act in helping fight this global menace? The Western liberal mainstream media do not care about this. The sad reality is that they hate Donald Trump more than they hate ISIS. And in showing such twisted and distorted values they again show why they continue to lose their audience.

They are out of touch and morally bankrupt.

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