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The BBC Montage of reaction to London Bridge - how utterly pathetic & Orwellian

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 5 June 2017

Wall to wall coverage of the London Bridge attacks continues on BBC World News. the only interruptions are the adverts which are largely for BBC news itself. How much do they cost and what exactly is their purpose? But in between the adverts and the latest recycling of old footage the BBC served up a montage of how London and the World reacted. It was so utterly dismal and predictable.

We started with a photo of a group of Muslims showing solidarity carrying placards saying #PrayforLondon or some such trite nonsense. There were folks laying flowers. Then to a European City where a monument was lit up with the Union Flag and then Eiffel Tower went dark. At length EU flags were shown at half mast. Briefly we saw a Union flag at half mast. Er that was it. I guess the candle footage will be added in tonight.

The EU is leading mourning, Brits are defiant and resilient (the new buzz words), Muslims are all peace loving folks and this attack has nothing to do with religion. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Is this really a reflection of the conversations that ordinary folks, outside the Metropolitan media bubble, are having across Britain today. Are they really saying thank God for multiculturalism and the EU? Are there no words of anger or demands for real action not just tougher controls on the internet and other weasel measures? Somehow, I doubt it.

It is worthy of 1984. Big Brother ensures that a message is pushed to the population who in their hearts know that it is not true, that it does not reflect reality.They do not feel happier, safer and more comfortable with life. But Big Brother insists that they do. And after a while they start to wonder if maybe Big Brother is right after all and that their own doubts are a reflection of their inner weakness or dirty innate prejudices. In the end they just accept that they were wrong to doubt the "truth".

The BBC was right all along. London Bridge had nothing to do with religion. All Moslems are good and there is no problem with a small - but significant - number of extremists in our midst. Only by working with our friends in the EU can we be safer. Big Brother I am sorry that I ever doubted you.

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