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The liberal media elites prepare for an onslaught on the DUP - everything they despise

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 10 June 2017

It has started already. The DUP, from God's chosen land of Ulster, will back the Tories and we might just have stable Government for a while. The liberal media elite who are reporting Jeremy Corbyn's "victory speech ( hint Labour lost) is enraged. The knives are out for the DUP for they stand for everything that London millionaires despise.

Yes the DUP opposes gay marriage. But there is no suggestion that it will demand a crack down on the LGBT community across the United Kingdom. Yet some in the media say that this policy ( which I disagree with) will break the deal. Clearly it will not.

The DUP is not a socially liberal party. We can agree on that. But if you read its manifesto, not something that its critics will bother doing, it is actually a really fine document: tax cuts, slimming down Government profligacy, not funding state funded leftist propaganda (the BBC). It is an old fashioned manifesto which we who believe in a smaller state and lower taxes would love. It is the sort of document that Mrs Thatcher won elections with.

The hatred of the DUP is the same hatred the metropolitan elites show for ordinary decent folk in the shires who always flew Union Flags in the years when the BBC sneered that only racists and extremists did, in the years before it was accepted that having a pride in Britain was not shameful. The DUP is proud of being British and not ashamed of it.

The DUP was founded by a clergeyman(of sorts) the good Dr Paisley and a good number of its supporters and leaders have faith. Not the faith which cannot be criticised because it is racist to do so but the faith which the elites disparage and dismiss as old fashioned and irrelevant, that is to say a muscular Christianity. And that means that it has always been loathed by the talking heads on our TVs and by Guardian columnists living in Hampstead and Islington.

The DUP is proud of the heritage of Ulster and Britain. Its leaders will march with the Orangemen as they celebrate Good King Billy's victory at the Battle of the Boyne. We are a product of our history and he DUP accept that and are proud of their heritage and culture. Over on the mainland our students are brainwashed to believe that every aspect of our Empire was evil and that we should be ashamed of creating and supporting slavery. Let's not let the actual facts get in the way of the liberal narrative. Our kids are not taught the glories of Trafalgar or Agincourt although those are battles which shaped our history. Instead they learn about the evils of Hitler and why that means we must be part of a European superstate to ensure peace and happiness. Again they are being brainwashed in the post fact era.
For daring to look back to a glorious past, for understanding why we are as Britons what we are the DUP are despised by a degenerate elite who hate such values.

On twitter today I see a barrage of tweets from idiots who say Corbyn was smeared for association with the IRA but now May is in bed with DUP extremists. This is just post fact nonsense. Corbyn was not smeared he was in bed with the IRA. And the IRA killed innocent folks across a province which overwhelmingly did not share its goal of a united Ireland. many good DUP folks were killed by the IRA. There were, of course, loyalist killers and I am sure they did vote DUP. They were not going to vote for the patrician toffs of the Ulster Unionists and they were not going to vote for Republicans so who else would they vote for? But that is not the same as saying the DUP was the political wing of loyalist terror in the way that Sinn Fein clearly was the same as the IRA.

But let's not get facts get in the way of the attack. And the attack is coming because a degenerate Metropolitan liberal elite who see nothing wrong in backing a man like Corbyn who openly supported terror, see in the DUP an embodiment of all the cultural values they so openly despise.

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