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Tories 4 the TransGender Community - The New Big Idea in the Big Tent - Gosh these folks are pathetic

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 23 July 2017

With no real majority at Westminster, Mrs May's pathetic Tories are unable to push through any of the so many radical changes this country needs to make to avoid going bust. The chances of radical change on any issue that matters are zippo. Or so I believed. You thought that the useless Cons were out of big ideas? Think again. Today's Sunday Times reveals dramatic new proposals to tackle the needs of the transgender community. I just despair.

If one listens or watches the BBC one might have been forgiven for thinking that, like the LGB community, the trans (those who feel they are man in a woman's body or vice versa) community is massive. In fact, the LGB community is just 2.6% of Londoners and outside the diversity capital it is far smaller - the national number is just over 2%. As for Transgender folks, the most recent large scale study in the US suggested the number was 0.6%, the prior one suggested 0.3%.

As it happens 45 of the 650 members of the House of Commons are openly gay and you can bet there are a good few more still in the closet. That works out at 6.9% yet campaigners want more gay MPs in the interests of "equality." There are also demands, in the interests of "equality and diversity," for more gay couples to be allowed to adopt. Last year 7% of kids and babies that were adopted went to gay couples. As for BBC stars earning vast amounts of money the story is the same - the LGB's are well over-represented. But more is needed to get true equality, yadda, yadda, yadda. We are never told just how over-represented in all these fields LGB's have to be to ensure "equality and diversity."

Now back to the transgender folks. Justine Greening, a metropolitan elitist Tory par excellence, wants new legislation that will allow anyone to "identify" as whatever sex they want to be without any medical clearance. Hmmmm ,so I can identify as a bird without any medical qualification and go hang out in the women's changing rooms while picking up my pension five years earlier than I would as a man? Apparently so. This is quite tempting in many ways, just as long as I do not have to start pretending that women's cricket and soccer are of the same standard as the men's game, as is the house view on the BBC and Channel 4 these days.

Of course this trans issue has caused one or two other problems. Take this little gem from the Sunday Times today:

A double rapist jailed for life in 1995 for attacking two girls, who had a £10,000 sex change on the NHS and changed his name to Jessica Winfield, was moved to a women’s prison in March this year. Paris Green, a pre-op transgender killer who was born a man, was twice moved from women’s prison wings and returned to male facilities after having sex with female inmates.

Green — who was born Peter Laing — was allowed to live in the women’s wing of HMP Edinburgh while awaiting gender-reassignment surgery. However, she had to be removed in February after claims that she engaged in sexual encounters with women prisoners. She had previously been removed from Cornton Vale women’s prison, near Stirling, in 2013, allegedly for similar behaviour.


Oh well I am sure that we all delight in how the cash strapped NHS spends its dosh don't we? Cut down some more money trees and lets have free ops for transgender folks all round.

Ms Greening has not thought through her ideas. Perhaps it is the sort of daft idea about which those in the Westminster bubble can build a consensus even if out in the real world, among the 99%, this mixture of extreme virtue signalling and crass naivete will be met with sheer despair.

It is another day when I conclude that if the Tory Party was a horse its visit to the glue factory would be hugely overdue.

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