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"After a driver in New York mowed down 8"... how the media and the libs got everything wrong and Trump was right again

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 2 November 2017

The quote is from John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4. It was at least better than that from American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour who tweeted after the Halloween attack in New York

Sending love and prayers to victims & families in Manhattan shooting. Devastating. People shouldn't have to fear walking in their city.


The bloke shot was the terrorist. Those who died were the eight folks he mowed down in a van. Some "activists" really do not do their own cause any good.

Some on the liberal left compared the attitude of we on the right in expressing anger over this killing when, apparently, we did not show such anger of the killing of 59 in Las Vegas by a white guy. Of course that is not true, we on the right are equally angry. We share the fury of President Trump that the Las Vegas killer evaded justice by taking his own life. We share his anger that the New York killer sits in a hospital bed smirking at us as he demands an ISIS flag for his room. He knows that he can play the US justice system for years especially in liberal "everyone has rights" New York. The man is guilty. Like the President we would just like to see him executed swiftly and also anyone shown to have assisted either killer.

Indeed it is the libs who show a different attitude to the two crimes. After Vegas it was all about banning guns. Do I hear calls for the banning of trucks? We are on the right know that it is not guns, trucks or knives that kill but humans. As it happens in New York the killer was only stopped in his tracks by a cop who had a gun and wounded him, sadly not fatally. In Tel Aviv the same would have happened. In happy no gun London he could have carried on killing. Guns can and do save lives.

The New York killer was allowed into America in 2010 on a "Diversity Visa" a really daft idea enthusiastically promoted by President Obama to get a greater diversity of immigrants into the USA. You will note it is not about bringing in the folks America needs for their skills just about "diversity". The killer was in fact only skilled enough to get a job as... and you have guessed it already.. an Uber driver. So he had a driving license, that was his skill set.

Donald Trump wants to ,limit immigration from countries where there happen to be rather more jihadists than elsewhere. It is pointed out that this fellow was from Uzbekistan which is not one of the eight countries on the Trump list. But the general idea that you dictate entry to your country by what it needs and that you make it safer by restricting entry to folks from high risk places seems far more sensible than a policy based purely on creating diversity.

Trump is right. America overwhelmingly agrees with Trump who displays what is simply common sense yet the liberal media and the out of touch Dems scream in anguish and accuse POTUS of extremism .And then they wonder "what happened" when they get thrashed at the polls?

Whatever, the media in America is already (as is now part of the ritual along with London's useless Mayor Khan tweeting solidarity and the candles) running articles on how the real victims of this episode are the Muslims facing a backlash. These backlashes are predicted after every atrocity but never seem to result in rows of bodies being laid out in morgues. They just don't happen.

I suppose, in these politically correct times, I am not allowed to say that the eight dead and scores of injured are the real victims.

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