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Boys, girls, make-up and sexism in 2017 - the strange world of the BBC

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 5 December 2017

Before she leaves in the morning, to fill the empty heads of impressionable snowflakes with left wing nonsense, the Mrs always switches on Radio 4. As I wander into the Kitchen to make morning coffees I am treated to some real gems and insight into the mad mindset of the state funded fake news outlet and the mindset of an utterly out of touch metropolitan elite.

On Women's Hour today a lefty academic and a mother were discussing make up for kids in schools. The host summed it up thus. So when girls wear too much makeup they are condemned but if boys experiment with the same make up they are applauded for experimenting....

Right so the schooling system is just sexist.

I give up. Are boys really universally applauded for experimenting with make-up in 2017? Maybe in zone 1 London, where the 1% dwell, they are but I sense that most of us in Britain really would not be happy with schools applauding such things. And is it really sexist to suggest that 11 year old girls sexualising themselves at an early age is not that wonderful either?

I'm sure that very few folks in Britain share the values of the BBC on this matter. But maybe I am wrong and am just old reactionary who is out of touch with the modern world and the BBC really does speak for the nation as it is today. Somehow I think not.

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