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Now about that global warming (falling in near record amounts in the US today) - I quote the UEA, Chris Booker and the Guardian fake news paper

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 2 January 2018

A friend who is the epitome of the remoaning metropolitan elitist emails me today to claim that "you really are becoming a fascist in your old age what with your support of Donald Trump and your climate change denial." The elitists always forget that labelling anyone with whom you disagree as a fascist demeans the true horror of what fascism is. But I suppose it is easier than actually debating facts. I shall deal with my admiration of the leader of the free world another day but let's look at some hard facts about climate change or , as it used to be known, global warming. I bring you three quotes:

The first is from 2000. David Viner who made his name at the world leading global warming (data bodging) establishment that was the University of East Anglia warned in 2000 in the Indescribably boring newspaper that because of global warming snow would soon become a “rare and exciting event”. He added: “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

The UAE forecasts published in the late 1990s, replicated by other experts notably the IPCC, suggested that the world would just get hotter and hotter. That underpinned Viner's prediction. And this Group Think has formed the basis for the Paris Accord and other initiatives that will cripple Western economies in order to fight global warming. Only one world leader has dared to point out how horribly wrong the UEA forecasts ( and all the other "expert" projections) have been so far. If Viner at al cannot get their forecasts right for 20 years why should we believe their 100 year guesstimates?

Of course the only leader understanding this basic logic is Mr Donald Trump. Fools like Theresa May and all of the rest of the EU are happy to sign up to economic suicide for their own nations even though the data on which the hara kiri pledges are made is now utterly suspect.

So you understand Viner's predictions and the UAE/IPCC projections on which they are based. Now I refer you to the Guardian, the fake news publication of choice for metropolitan liberal elitists, from yesterday:

Record-breaking big freeze grips much of North America

Bone-chilling cold gripped the middle of the US as 2018 began on Monday, breaking a low temperature record, icing some New Year’s celebrations and leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the elements.

The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in the west through New England to the northern tip of Maine.

Dangerously low temperatures enveloped eight midwest states including parts of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska along with nearly all of Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

The weather service said a temperature of 15 below zero (-9.44C) was recorded in Omaha before midnight on Sunday, breaking a record low dating back to 1884, and the temperature was still dropping early on New Year’s Day. That reading did not include the wind chill effect.

etc etc etc

But maybe that is a one off? I now refer you to Uncle Chris Booker writing in the Telegraph ten years ago:

"The winter from hell’

Over the first three months of 2008, as global temperatures continued to fall, the world endured one of its coldest winters for decades, In January, the northern hemisphere recorded its most extensive snow cover for the month since 1966 (just before those predictions that the world might be entering a ‘new ice age’). Not only were there record snow falls across North America, but countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and several regions of China experienced more snow than they had seen for 50 or even 100 years. NOAA and the US National Climate Data Center reported that on land it had been only the 63rd warmest January globally in 114 years.

In February the chill continued. Snow was recorded in the deserts of southern Iran where no one could remember it ever falling before. Jerusalem had its second snowfall in a month. Astonished Athenians gazed up at a snow-draped Acropolis, while more than 200 villages in Greece and Crete were cut off by blizzards. In Turkey the number of villages cut off was estimated at 1,000.] Further heavy snows across southern China added to a disaster which had already damaged 10 percent of the country’s forests and devastated thousands of square miles of farmland.

As the four official sources of temperature data agreed that global temperatures had fallen below their 20th century average, even Hansen’s GISS figures showed the steepest January-to-January global temperature drop (0.75 degrees) since surface records began in 1880.

In the US in early March there were blizzards as far south as Texas and Arkansas. In the northern US states and Canada what was being called ‘the winter from hell’ continued to break records for cold and snow going back in some cases as far as 1873. In Afghanistan it was reported that the abnormal snow and freezing weather had killed 1,500 people and 200,000 animals. In Tibet six months of snow and record low temperatures had killed 500,000 animals, leaving a further three million at risk of starvation.

Meanwhile in Antarctica sea-ice cover was at its highest March level since satellite records began in 1979, nearly a third above its 30-year average. In the Arctic, where sea-ice the previous September had dropped to 3 million square kilometres, its lowest level ever recorded, prompting frenzied media predictions that it would soon be gone altogether, the winter freeze had now returned the ice to 13 million square kilometres, the same level it had been at a year earlier.

In western Greenland, the Danish Meteorological Institute recorded temperatures 30 degrees C below zero, while more ice was clogging the strait between Greenland and Canada than at any time for 15 years.


Snow falling in record amounts in winter, whatever next?. To happen once in a decade looks like an inconvenient truth. To happen twice suggests that the predictions made to support the bogus religion that is global warming by the "experts" are just plain bollocks. Here in Europe we ignore the facts, the record snowfalls, the plunging temperatures and still stuff the peasants with energy tariffs to fight global warming, we crucify heavy industry with additional costs to stop the planet getting warmer, our leaders follow this religion blindly.

Only one politician looks at the real data and is brave enough to call out global warming for the fraud that it is. That admirable and brave man is Donald Trump and the true fascists are those who try to close down debate on climate change by saying that it is a settled science when the hard data of what is falling from our skies suggests that this is simply not the case.

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