Wednesday September 19, 2018
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Video: Crooked Hillary Clinton slams half of her fellow Americans (again) as racist and sexist

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- Tom Winnifrith

"You don't like black people getting rights, you don;t like women getting jobs" That is how on her recent foreign tour as you can see in the video below, crooked Hillary Clinton has now described those folks in all those red flyover states who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. During the election she slammed folks backing Trump as "the Deplorables". For many decent Americans that became a badge of honour.

Slamming almost half of your fellow citizens as ignorant racists and sexists is just not very smart. Sure, some Trump voters are racist and sexist. But the polls show that some Dems are, in terms of social attitudes, also racist and sexist and also that white women, for instance, overwhelmingly voted Trump not for a woman who enabled her husband to be a serial rapist. Does Hillary really believe that all those tens of millions of women who voted Trump "don't like women getting jobs?"

Really Hillary? You cannot be serious. Either the Democrats play along with this lunacy in which case #Trump2020 becomes even more of a racing cert or the Dems cut this woman loose as she really has now lost the plot.


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