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Diane Abbott - I never thought I'd say this..

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 13 April 2018

Please do not get me wrong, the Shadow Home Secretary is very stupid and wrong on almost every issue going. As a type 2 diabetic myself I cannot forgive her for using her diabetes as a reason to dodge the heat of an election campaign, it gives the wider population a bad impression of her fellow sufferers. But this morning on the radio the old bag was being interviewed and I said to myself "spot on Comrade." I never thought I'd find myself saying that.

The subject was Syria and Comrade Diane pointed out the obvious truth that if we bomb Assad the only folks we are helping are extremist jihadis, that is to say the opposition. Ms Abbott wondered why that was thought to be such a good idea.

Quite right. can folks such as Boris Johnson and the useless Mrs May please explain why prolonging a war - the result of which is not in doubt - to allow truly evil jihadis more breathing space to kill and torture is a desirable outcome. Forget about making moral judgements on Assad that is the actual outcome that the bombers will achieve. Why does that make the world a better place? Answers please....

For all sorts of reasons, including this one, planned attacks on Syria remain very much #Notinmyname

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