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It looks like I am not alone on the treacherous Mrs May Brexit sell out – the Tories will not be forgiven

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 8 July 2018

A Survation poll taken on Saturday shows the Tories falling fast to 38% and Labour rising to 40%. And the Brexit betrayal backlash is only just beginning. For starters, Mrs May’s henchmen have so far managed to gag most Tory MPs with threats while they spin the line that her betrayal is a good deal for Britain and is essentially what we 17.4 million voted for. That gag and that lie won’t hold for long. And secondly many of us were too bothered about the World Cup and associated drinking to take on board the full scale of the treachery, of the red lines and ,manifesto pledges abandoned. Only now is that sinking in.

But if you look at online articles on the matter you will see Tory loyalist after Tory loyalist showing photos of ripped up membership cards or making pledges to never trust the party again.  If you thought that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned think again and look at what Tory party die-hards are saying today.

For while Mrs May is rightly slammed as a wretched viper the way that the Cabinet brexiteers have just caved brings the whole party into disrepute. The Tories are now quite simply the party you just cannot trust.

Some, like myself, will go the whole way and vote for Labour just to punish the vile hag May and her party. Others take great joy in saying that they will vote UKIP or not at all. If the prince over the seas, that is Nigel Farage, returns to lead UKIP, the Tories will see wholesale desertions not just over voters but of their party members as well. The more Mrs May and the spineless toads who surround her tell us the obvious lie that this is a good deal for Britain and is what the 17.4 million voted for the more hated they will become.

The Tories will spin hard, the line that if folks like me do not show loyalty to the Tories the country will be ruined by Comrade Corbyn with, or without the assistance of the SNP and other loons. But again they misjudge the mood of so many of the 17.4 million of us who voted for Brexit. The mirage of economic prosperity of the past few years is largely a story of asset bubbles created by QE and low interest rates. Folks feel wealthier if they own property in London or the South East and to a lesser extent in the rest of Britain or if they own shares.  Folks in the City and in the upper echelons of the public sector have had big wage rises.

But many of us in the 17.4 million live well away from the degenerate hell-hole that is London, we are relatively asset poor and our wage growth has been pedestrian, at best, over the past decade. We are the Trump voters of the swing flyover states – The Donald said he’d make America Great again and make us better off, Crooked Hillary insisted America was doing very well already. The folks she spoke for on the Coasts were doing well ( largely thanks to asset bubbles) but there was no spill-over in the flyover states.

So if Theresa May tries to scare the 17.4 million with talk of how Corbyn will ruin everything and damage their economic well-being, her words will be wasted on many of us who voted Tory last time despite Mrs May and in no great hope of economic gain but because she alone among party leaders said that Brexit meant Brexit. She lied to us and we will punish her. Maybe in London she does not understand how angry folk are about this sell-out but out there in the boonies many of us who voted Tory last time are livid and will not be scared back into the fold whatever happens.

For reasons I explained a couple of days ago, I fear the UK will go to the dogs under Labour but I can’t see that Mrs May’s Tories are that much better. And thus my only desire is to punish Mrs May and her party at the polls with a wipe-out that makes 1997 look like a triumph. Soon Mrs May will realise that I am far from alone.

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