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Blacks for Trump – one reason the Democrats may face electoral oblivion in 2020

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 7 August 2018

As I am sure you can remember, the liberal media, spearheaded in the UK by the BBC’s repellent Jon Sopel and Beltway Kylie Morris and Matt Frei of Channel 4 Fake News, demonstrated, to their satisfaction, if not that of anyone else, that Donald Trump was a racist back during the Presidential campaign of 2016. The Democrats and Hillary paid a few visits to the ghettos and sung Kumbaya and all was well.

Trump secured just 8% of the black vote which Kylie et al saw as some sort of vindication of the claim that Trump was a racist. Of course, as I pointed out at the time, it was not. That low score was not because Trump is or is not a racist but because, since the 1960s and civil rights blacks have just always voted Democrat however useless was the candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton being a case in point.

Nixon got 35% of the non-white vote in 1960. That was at a point when in the South it was the "Dixiecrats" - Southern Dems -  that were resisting Civil Rights and thus blacks there voted for the party that had brought them their freedom from slavery, the party of Lincoln, the GOP. But since then the Republican candidate has - according to Gallup - polled among non white voters:

6% Goldwater 1964

12% Nixon 1968

13% Nixon 1972

15% Ford 1976

10% Reagan 1980

13% Reagan 1984

18% Bush 1988

11% Bush 1992

12% Dole 1996

At this point Gallup seperates hispanics and blacks and other non whites and it is clear that the GOP does a lot worse among black voters than among other non whites (for instance in 2004 polling 7% among blacks and 22% among other non whites to give an overall non-white 17% ) and that implies that the actual black vote since 1960 - other than in 1988 - has been consistently at 10% or below even when the GOP has won the battle for the White House. And so we go on..

3% Bush JNR 2000

7% Bush JNR 2004

1% McCain 2008

5% Romney 2012

In other words, in 2016 Trump did better (despite being a racist bigot according to the MSM) than any GOP candidate this century and almost certainly better than any GOP candidate, other than Bush senior in 1988 and possibly Ford in ’76,  since Nixon 58 years ago.

However since the old racist, that is to say Trump,  got into the White House the economy has boomed and that has seen more blacks lifted out pf poverty than at any time in memory. Dems may spend billions on Government programmes which employ lots of middle class folks to help the folks in the ghetto but they just don’t work, blacks stay poor. Freeing up the economy does work. Black wages are surging and thus in a poll a few days ago by Rasmussen Trump’s approval rating among black voters was an absolutely astonishing 29%. Now maybe approval ratings do not translate exactly into pulling levers in polling booths but if that poll is anywhere close to accurate this is an earthquake which makes #Trump2020 a slam dunk certainty.

Assuming The Donald has coat-tails it should also make the mid-terms in November very interesting indeed. If the personal popularity of POTUS among blacks translates into an unprecedented enthusiasm for the GOP then the Democrats are in massive trouble.

So how do the Dem’s respond? By threatening a black women having breakfast in a restaurant. I kid you not. This is not 1950s Alabama this is Philadelphia 2018. The black woman Candace Owens is a conservative commentator but video of ANTIFA, nearly all white folks who all support the Dems, driving this photogenic and charming young lady from a diner has shocked America.

As black America considers the idea that, whatever they were told about the bogeyman, racist Trump, they really have never had it so good, now they see the same white folks who called Trump a racist chasing a black woman out of a restaurant and haranguing her, which way do you expect Trump’s ratings to go?

Natch the liberal media and the Democratic party will respond by upping the volume on the chants of racism. But, it seems that black America is just not listening any more.

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