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Peter Tatchell plays Project Fear with the LGBTI Community on Brexit - shameful

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 3 October 2018

I have written numerous times of my tremendous admiration for the pioneering campaigner for gay rights, in the days before it became LGBTI rights, and as one of our greatest living defenders of civil liberties, Peter Tacthell. Overlooking the fact that he is actually Australian, Tatch has become a national treasure. And it is in that context I find his tweeting demanding a second referendum on Brexit so sad. The fact is that he his scaring folks with untruths as you can see below. 

Britain is one of the most tolerant LGBT nations in Europe. Our laws are truly progressive with almost, if not, full legal equality. On the other hand a raft of EU member states, notably Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and a few other places in Eastern Europe really are not very gay friendly at all. And wait till Macedonia joins..hint the Pride parade in Skopje is now five years old and there are less attacks on it than there used to be...

Yet we are told by Tatch that leaving the EU with its raft of openly homophobic members will make life worse for LGBTI folks?  Really? Because a couple of dozen Eurosceptic MPs are not very tolerant.  This is fanciful nonsense.  Peter, with great respect, your side lost the first #PeoplesVote, you should just get over it. If you can't well keep calling for votes until your side win but do so without resorting to this rainbow coloured canard.

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