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Gaza: Peace in Our Time. Bullshit (I fear) with normal vile BBC spin

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 23 November 2012

Radio Four’s Today programme reported on Thursday morning that the “ceasefire in Gaza had largely held overnight.” Well what does it actually mean by that? On the Israeli side not a single shot was fired. Back in the Islamofascist state of Gaza the first rocket heading towards Israel went off exactly 34 minutes AFTER the breakout of peace in our time. By the time Radio 4 broadcast this canard, 15 rockets had landed on Israel. So by “largely held” what the biased BBC actually means is that the Israelis kept to their word but the Gazans fired only 15 rockets whereas they normally average about double that overnight.”

Just imagine how the BBC would have reported it had Hamas not fired any rockets but the Israelis had dropped a couple of bombs. Would it have been “largely held” or a rant about how the fucking Jews were war mongering bastards whose word could not be trusted and had no desire for peace? Next stop for Bibi Netanyahu a war crimes tribunal in the Hague. What do you think?

Before I turn to whether we really do have peace in our time I would add one point on the matter of statistics. As I have noted before, the Israeli’s launch any attack from a clearly defined military base (be it an airplane or missile launchers set in isolated desert spots specifically targeting Hamas military targets. Their aim is to protect Israeli citizens both from Hamas rocket attacks (by taking out the launchers or the men behind them) or from retaliatory attacks. In contrast, Hamas bases its rockets bang in the middle of Civilian areas. In other words it uses its citizens as human shields as it attacks other citizens (wicked Jews). This clear distinction is something the BBC and Guardian never makes.

In all the coverage of the Israeli attacks on Gaza we were constantly shown pictures of bloodied and dead civilians. Okay the BBC had to recycle dead Syrian babies, injured Israeli babies in order to make up numbers but we were constantly told that it was Gazan civilians who bore the brunt of the onslaught by the wicked Jews. Well here are the actual scores on the doors:

Deaths in Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks. 177. Military deaths 120. Civilian deaths 57. So actually those who bore the brunt of the attacks were , er … terrorists who were firing rockets on Israeli civilians. You did not really get that impression from the liberal Western press did you?

And on the subject of dead babies/children. Why did Hamas have to recycle dead or injured Syrian and Israeli babies/children for the BBC and its sister papers the Guardian and Independent to use as they portrayed this as a slaughter of the innocents? Because despite half the population of Gaza being under 18, only 22 minors were killed. Given that Hamas bases its rockets not only in residential areas but next to schools this seems a very low number implying that the Israelis might actually have been targeting military hits very very cleverly. As it happens the ratio of military to civilian deaths in Gaza was 2: 1. In Afghanistan during the invasion by, er us, the ratio was 1 to 3. In Iraq the West managed a 1 to 4 ratio. So the Israelis were actually targeting legitimate figures far more effectively than the US or UK has in recent years. Did the BBC mention that? Er… no. Thought not. As for the Hamas civilian to military kill ratio I think it was infinity since no military targets were hit because its rockets ONLY target civilians.

So having established that the Israeli Defence Forces are in fact far more humanitarian in its targeting than, say, the US or UK army let’s see how the BBC reports it.

What has shocked me most over the last eight days – during which I have reported exclusively from Gaza, with BBC colleagues complementing in Israel – is the appallingly high number of children killed and injured.

That is chief correspondent Wyre Davies. The usual impartial BBC take from him then. He will go far at Pravda.

So will we have peace in our time? Well of course not. For starters the naive Americans have given the task of supervising Hamas to Egypt which is now run by the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood. Yes that is the same Muslim Brotherhood that runs the tunnels into Gaze supplying Iranian weapons to Hamas. Frankly this is like asking the late Sir Jimmy Savile to look after your local nursery school unsupervised.

But Hamas and the people of Gaza want peace cries the BBC. Er no. Let us look back to January 18th 2009 when Israel’s Operation Cast Lead was halted by a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. I leave Melanie Phillips to recount what happened next:

Two days later, residents of a kibbutz near Gaza ran for cover as an air raid siren sounded; an explosion was heard, but the government denied there had been an attack. On January 28 2009, Hamas fired a rocket towards Sderot, followed by another rocket the following day, and then another at Ashkelon.

Back to me. Thereafter the rocket attacks increased bit by bit. While Israel continued to ferry 200 tonnes of aid a month into Gaza (Egypt by the way sends none as its border is sealed, the only thing heading in is munitions via the MB’s tunnels) rockets landed on a daily basis in Israel. First it was one a day, then two. Over the past three years it has averaged about 3 a day but in the past six months it has averaged 50 a week, seven a day.

Following around 3000 rocket launches Israel finally struck back. I really doubt that any other Nation on this planet would have shown such restraint. Fed by a biased press with the BBC almost criminal in its intent and effect, the West has now forced Israel to pull back. Like most Israelis (70% in the biggest poll) I regret this as we all know what will happen next. The job of dismantling the military capability of Hamas is unfinished and as such Israeli civilians will die when, not if, Hamas starts firing rockets again.

But hang on, the BBC has an answer. Thank the good Lord. According to Pravda correspondent Kayta Adler, Hamas only started firing rockets at Israel becuase the wicked Jews imposed a naval blockade. She opines by twitter:

“Not clear if/when #Israel will lift #Gaza blockade. If daily life doesn’t improve in Gaza, pop support for rocket fire will likely return.

Aha. Simple. Except of course that the rockets started well before the blockade. It was imposed to stop rockets getting into Gaza, i.e. in response. The amount of aid that used to land by ship ( even if you count rockets as aid) is far less than the wicked Jews truck in each day. Sorry Kayta, you should check your facts. Ooops forgot. You work for the BBC. It is not facts that matter just getting the message across.

So becuase Israel backed off the rockets WILL start hitting Israeli civilians again. It is when not if.

But heck they are only fucking Jews. They don’t matter. On that basis the BBC will probably still report that the ceasefire has “largely held.”

PS For a take on how Israeli’s view the coverage of the BBC tune into this week’s excellent satyrical Latma TV show organised by the superstar Caroline Glick. The BBC spoof is about three minutes in but it is worth watching the bit before for a cracking Hilary Clinton joke. The latma show can be found HERE.

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