Video: Laurence Fox, The Distance - will the Mrs dare admit to her friends?

Tom Winnifrith Monday 20 January 2020


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For me Laurence Fox will always be Hathaway in Lewis and as he was an actor I assumed he was a virtue signalling lefty git like the rest of his profession. Last week’s Question Time therefore startled me as Fox emerged as a true hero of the thinking libertarian right taking on the woke battalions. He even dared to call out as racist some daft professor of Ethnicity from the joke institution that is Liverpool Edge Hill University as she essentially said that as a white man Fox was inherently racist so could not challeng her assertion that folks were only nasty to Princess Meghan as she is a woman of colour. 

My Mrs is, not only a lefty lecturer in sociology – albeit at a proper university – but also a person of colour. And she was cheering on Laurence as he tore into this woman for talking obvious shite. I offer two suppositions, Fox will probably never work again as an actor, shunned by his peers for talking common sense which 99% of the population agree with. And my Mrs will not discuss with her lefty academic and facebook pals, how much she laughed with Fox on this matter and also on the simpoly pathetic way that he was attacked for not saying that the best leader of Labour had to be a woman as that showed was sexist. Rather like her decision to vote for Brexit that will have to be a dirty secret for my better half.

Fox is also a singer and his new offering is an anthem for the unwoke, ie nearly all of us.


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