Picture Article: The bravest sportsman on earth - a lone woman defies the mob

Tom Winnifrith Monday 29 June 2020


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Everyone should agree with the spirit behind Black Lives Matter and agree that they do. But the idea of taking a knee to show suppoort for an organisation that wants to end capitalism, defund the Police and which engages in knuckle dragging anti-semitism fills me with horror. Oddly the liberal media lauds our sportsmen and sportswomen for their bravery in taking a knee in respect to that organisation. It is not brave at all. The real bravery is in calling out millionaire ball jugglers as hypocrites for they are millionaires only because of capitalism. The bravery is saying “no” because you do support the Police and you don’t hate Jews. Imagine the guts this sportswoman below showed in doing just that. Forget the cowards of the Premier League, this woman is my hero. 

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