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Frankie Boyle and the capitalist haters - reasons to #DefundtheBBC No 65

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 2 October 2020

Last week’s New World Order show hosted by unfunny bearded comedian Frankie Boyle included a section where someone joked about killing white people. Boy how the panel laughed because that is not racist or offensive at all. This week’s show discussed capitalism.

To be fair, the previous episode had also covered this topic noting that it was an expression of white exploitation and thus a bad thing. Okay, the world’s two most powerful growth economies are China and India (both will be materially bigger than the USA within a few years). And as it happens, until 1800, the world’s two biggest economies were China and er…India. So the proposition which went unchallenged that only white folks can get rich by exploiting non whites via capitalism is errant nonsense. Not that Frankie and his guests challenged that notion by considering actual facts, as opposed to their lunatic woke prejudices, for even a nanosecond.

This week Frankie et al were back to capitalism as you can see in the clip below. The panel nodded sagely as one member explained that capitalists were all bankers and rich industrialists who exploited and gambled and if it went wrong got taxpayer bailouts. At the BBC, they probably do believe that.

You and I know that there are millions of capitalists in the UK today, risking their own capital, to start and grow small businesses, SMEs, which create real jobs, generate payroll and sales and corporate tax revenues to pay for things like Gary Lineker’s salary and are the true backbone of the economy. And having many small businesses out there offers consumers choice; it is what allows the invisible hand to ensure consumer needs are met.  The banksters and industrialist fat cats are tiny in number when compared to those runnings SMEs, the real capitalists.

For the capitalists behind these millions of small firms, there are no OBEs, there are long hours and in many cases business failure. Few make it to be fat cats. But without them, there would be, for all of us, less choice, fewer jobs and less money for the Government to spend. That is the alternative to capitalism. They have tried it in places like Albania and Venezuela and it ends up with folks having to eat their own pets. 

Not only is such woke comedy not funny and patent nonsense and something that goes unchallenged by Frankie and his guests, but it is deeply insulting to those millions of us who do actually risk our capital to create and maintain businesses and who have to pay license fees to fund folks like Boyle and his guests.  

But in their insulated metropolitan elite world, folks like Boyle do not realise how offensive and utterly out of touch both with the general population and also with reality they have become. There may be a woke audience for such fact-light intellectual piffle and abuse. In which case let folks pay for it if they wish via a Netflix style subscription. Most of us bitterly resent having to pay for this sort of output and every show Frankie hosts only strengthens the case to #DefundTheBBC




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