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Why is it that those on the left are natural mask fanatics - meet Miashadow7606

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 15 December 2020

Wearing a mask will not save you from catching or spreading anything. Don’t trust me but trust the science your leaders and the media do their best to suppress. However, there are some right old zealots out there. Meet Miashadow7606.

When not tweeting about LGBT issues, the evils of every Republican from Reagan through to Trump, all of whom are literally “fascists” and “white nationalists”, this person wants us all to be muzzled by state laws at all time.  I wonder what “the science” says about this or her behaviour as described in the tweet below.  And of course anyone who disagrees with a mask jihadist is quite simply a murderer.

Of course. How very balanced your thesis is Miashadow7606. It is we on the right who tend to be natural mask sceptics, perhaps because we are naturally suspicious of big Government which wants to get bigger. On the left, any excuse to increase the power of the state over its free citizens is, naturally, seen as a good thing. Lefties, like my friend and colleague Darren Atwater, welcome Big Brother into our lives. Freedom is what they have in Eastasia and look what misery that has brought them!

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