Just look at who the poor, cash-strapped NHS - The Envy of the World - is hiring

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 13 January 2021


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When you heard that Boris Johnson has been told by Princess Nut Nuts to give all NHS staff an inflation-busting pay rise, I bet you thought of poor nurses earning close to the average national wage of £26,000 and went outside at 8 PM to clap like a seal. But, of course, most of the staff the NHS employs are neither poor or nurses. Here are three vacancies going which, I am sure you will agree, will assist the fight against covid not a jot.

In fact, these postings will do absolutely nothing to improve patient outcomes at all.  But they are very well-paid indeed. If I could be arsed, I’d do a Freedom of Information request to find out just how many folks in the NHS have the words equality, diversity or inclusion in their job titles and how much they earn collectively. But I suspect that the answer would just be too depressing.  

Next time you hear some Guardian-reading bedwetter bleat that patient outcomes at what is the Envy of the World are being adversely affected by lack of cash, I suggest you think about the job vacancies below.

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