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The graph that shows lockdowns don't work as EU nations blunder back into them

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 16 March 2021

The graph below is pretty clear. Having lockdowns as a way to fight covid does not work. It looks at age adjusted excess deaths per million. You will see that Sweden, no lockdown, does pretty well, far better than the UK with a draconian lockdown. Florida with a very lax lockdown does marginally worse that California with a very tight lockdown, but not that much worse. Lockdown jihadists, mainly from the “tolerant” left, have repeatedly warned that Republican run Florida was heading for Armageddon. Many of those fanatics lived in New York with a far more draconian lockdown. Look how it fared… 

The conclusion you must surely draw is that there is not necessarily any linkage between the severity of lockdown – with all the other issues it causes for schoolkids, for depression, for screwing the economy, etc – and saving lives.  

I would love to see this chart also adjusted for obesity rates and that would paint an even more dramatic picture and expose of the myth that lockdown saves lives. And an even more chilling warning for fatties like myself.

Of course this data will change. Covid deaths in the UK are falling sharply and the same is true in most US states but they are starting to rise again across Europe. Might that just be to do with vaccine rollout? In the UK, 35% of us have had at least one jab including, critically, nearly all of those who are even marginally vulnerable, i.e. over 50 or with an associated risk factor (like being obese). There will be another good percent who have been vaccinated by God. In the US, almost 22% have had one jab and it really is on a vaccination roll. In France, it is a pitiful 7.66%, 7.84% in Germany and they are now stopping the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine so the pace of jabbing will slow.

Of course I have reservations about the vaccine and have aired them here many times but clearly, in the short term at least, it works. The response of EU nations should be to follow the Brits and jab more folks as that works. Instead, they are resorting to the tried and tested and failed route of lockdowns. They ignore the evidence. The EU is led by morons.

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