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Covid Deaths in India – putting this media and political #fakenews into perspective

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 27 April 2021

If we do not all wear our masks and social distance back here in Blighty then look at India and it will happen here say the Covid jihadists and those in the media and Political GroupThink. As ever data is not their strong point.  Do not get me wrong, the scenes from India are shocking. But this is not covid-apocalypse hell.

The reality is that India’s healthcare provision for all bar the super-rich is pretty bloody shocking. The lack of beds, oxygen and other facilities, the emergency cremations at hospitals is a reflection of that not of a covid apocalypse. The piece of data that the Western press has opted to ignore in its GroupThink and desire to help the Government of Britain scare us into submission, is that there are 1.4 billion folks in India and so each day, every day, even without Covid, 27,000 Indians perish. Of those about 2,000 die from diarrhoea.

So how many Indians are going West as a result of Covid? Yesterday it was 2,771.  That is a lot but not quite the staggering number you might think when watching the BBC. Pro rata with the UK it is like 130 Covid deaths happening in one day. So the horrors in India are, on a deaths per million count, massively lower than for almost all of the past year in Britain. Put another way, there have only been 4 days (April 23-26) when the 7 day rolling average India Covid death number has been greater than the number dying from diarrhoea in India.

“But Indian deaths are climbing exponentially” claim the GroupThink media and political classes, once again misunderstanding what the word exponentially actually means as they have done for the past year and a half. Well actually they are not. They are climbing rapidly in most states but in some ( Assam, for instance) they are falling.

India has been paralysed for lockdowns for most of the past year. Natch the covid jihadists argue that they were eased too quickly. Such folks want us locked up at home forever.  The real issue might just be vaccination. In India c10% of the population have had one jab. Just under 2% have had two jabs. When  those numbers go up as the West responds to this “unprecedented” rate of death, by using taxpayers cash to ship out vaccines and with God also vaccinating away, India will move towards herd immunity and the crisis will pass.

Meanwhile, not that the British press will dare suggest this, but perhaps India might consider spending a bit less on its space programme and on nuclear warheads and a bit more on its sub standard healthcare system?

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