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The chart that shows the madness of Boris as "freedom day" postponed

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 15 June 2021

At first lockdown was to flatten the curve, then it was to save the NHS – the envy of the fucking world. Now it is to achieve what? To try to eradicate what is only the 30th most common cause of death. Let’s go back to the NHS and a killer chart showing bed usage.

As you can see just 0.8% of all NHS beds are now occupied by those with covid. And 80% of them caught covid in Hospital! They would have been so much safer in a crowded pub.

How about the NHS starts protecting us from this disease but from the 29 more lethal diseases in Britain today. How about it catches up on all those missed cancer tests, though it will be too late for many, and the other things whioch wil save the lives of patients most of whom are not 84 ( the average age of a covid death) and in God’s waiting room anyway.

The postponement of the laughably termed freedom day is something that the facts just cannot justify. Hence Boris et al produce bogus warnings of 15,000 more deaths if they do not act as they say. There is about as much evidence for that as there was for Mr Blair’s warning that Britain was 45 minutes away from a Saddam WMD. Shame on you Boris Johnson, you are a liar.


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