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Storm alert at the Greek Hovel- will we be cut off by floods?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 10 December 2021

Day four and five of the Greek Hovel olive harvest saga will be written up over the weekend. Tonight it is Friday (day 5) and I am back at the hovel. Our work in the groves is done. Tomorrow the plan is to take harvester B to Kalamata for his pre-flight covid test. There are three Omicron cases in the whole of Greece whereas tonight the Daily Mail suggests that it is running rampant in London. So why test B (and also me on Monday) to keep Britain safe? Can anyone explain the logic of this?

Post test, we had planned to go to Kardamili as B is a Paddy Leigh Fermor nut and I might buy a few stocking fillers. However….

The mud track that runs the 800 yards through the olive groves, from Slater Slope to the bottom of the hovel drive is, after another day of heavy rain, now more puddle than track. And I had a storm alert from the Greek weather office texted to me earlier. Tomorrow will see very heavy rains indeed sweeping into the Peloponnese and the forecast is for a day of very heavy and constant rain here in Kambos.

I know we could get one of my friends in Kambos, who will not be harvesting tomorrow because of the vreki, to get up here in his truck if needed. So, we will not be stranded. But, as I head to bed, it does make me think long and hard about the logistics of the next three days. Maybe B should take his passport and bag on our trip to Kardamili in case the hovel is cut off and I have to leave him in a hotel in Kalamata while working out what I need to do?

 The alarms are set for 7, we will see what to do then.  

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