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A covid forecaster even worse than Professor Neil Pantsdown Ferguson - I bet LinkedIN won't censor Dr Susan Hopkins

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 29 December 2021

What I posted on Linkedin about covid and the actions of the charlatan Chris Whitty is fact. But it is censored because LinkedIn says it went against its policy on misinformation. But you can bet it did not bother to censor Dr Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UK Health Security Agency, when she forecasted on December 13 that by New Year’s Eve 1 million Brits a day could be catching Omicron variant covid. Sure: anything is possible. I could be shagging Cheryl Cole on New Year’s Eve but I suggest that is about as likely as the Hopkins forecast. Yet…

The Guardian and others ran it as front page newsnot questioning why, in South Africa, Omicron was already on avery differet trajectory to that forecast by Hopkins. The BBC lapped it up. LinkedIn links are everywhere. The forecast was based on the idea that the number of cases would double every 2 days and carry on increasing at that rate. So why did Hopkins stop on December 31? Why not keep running the model until January 14 when every single person in the UK would be catching Omicron once a day. It is nutso maths and we could all see that if we were allowed to see through the fog of GroupThink and to read and hear dissenting views.

Yesterday the number of UK Omicron cases was up by just over 10% ( not doubling) at 177,201. The Hopkins forecast is clearly laughable yet her forecasts and suggested policy responses are still treated as gospel by Big Media and the political class.  Those of us who point out inconvenient facts, who challenge bonkers maths, who queery the GroupThink stand accused, as we have done througout the scamdemic, of misinformation.



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