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Can the Guardian please make up its mind on why capitalists are so fecking evil.... and as for Lloyds Bank, I despair

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 7 April 2022

Nicola Bannister is an Ambassador for Lloyds Bank – whatever that means – and has tweeted the gibberish below, with a link to the Guardian. The dreary left-wing rag really needs to make up its mind.

Daily, we learn from the Guardian, and its broadcast sister outlet, the BBC, how wicked and evil we are, as all we care about is profit, greed and more profit. We wicked capitalists never face the possibility of losing the capital we risk, which creates jobs and businesses, and thus, tax revenue. Oh no. It is a one-way bet, and all we care about is making money.

Yet apparently, we are prepared to turn down the chance of profit, refusing to back businesses run by birds. Capitalists are dead-in-the-wool sexists.

Which is it: 100% greed or overt sexism; surely, it cannot be both? 

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