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So what about the dying polar bears and the penguins as the sea ice disappears: the biggest global warming myth of our time.

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 22 November 2022

It was about ten years ago when I sat down with my daughter Olaf, now 21 and in her final year at Oxford, to enjoy a meal at an Italian restaurant. I was greatly taken by an electric grater of parmesan and suggested to the little Trustafarian (not on my side) that I quite fancied one for Christmas. “But what about the Polar Bears, Daddy” said Olaf almost in tears.

Her progressive North London school had nobbled her and she was a cultist. I tried to take her out to the boonies to see Uncle Chris (Booker) to talk some sense into her but it was to no avail. If you live in Islington, you are just bound to grow up believing in global warming and part of this bogus religion is to believe certain things.

Pakistan is flooding at record levels because of global warming. Except it is not.

The Maldives are drowning. Except they are not

So are the Cook islands. Except they not.

And Tuvalu is also drowning. Except it is not either.

Warming oceans are killing coral reefs. Except that is not actually happening either.

That all these places are drowning or dying is for the same reason that many major European Cities will be underwater by 2020 said a report from the Pentagon which had the Guardian gagging back in 2004. Naturally the Guardian bashed President Bush for rejecting this scientific advice which was “settled science”. How could he be so dumb?

Okay so none of what got the Guardian editorial team jerking off on in 2004 actually happened but fear not, according to a report prepared for COP26 in 2021 by a group called Climate Central, large parts of London including the whole of Fulham will be underwater by 2030. Fulham is full of wankers so I won’t miss it much but then again there is no evidence for this nonsense anyway. But did the mainstream media, notably the BBC, report these predictions as FACT or did they question them exposing them for the nonsense they are. What do you think?

The reason why Fulham, Tuvalu, the Maldives etc are all going to drown ( though of course none of them actually are drowning and nor will they) is because the ice caps at either end of the earth are melting faster than you can say drowning Polar Bears and Penguins because of the warmer water which is killing the coral reefs (except that it is not). So, the cuddly Polar Bears and Penguins have become posterboys for the cultists with the thought of their demise caused by my grating Parmesan with an electric grater causing Olaf, like every other millennial to burst into floods of tears. “How can you be so uncaring Daddy ruining my life?”, to quote Greta the Doom Goblin.

 But there is a bit of an inconvenient truth here too.

 It seems that with the penguins at the South Pole, records fall on a daily basis. That is records for cold. According to the Daily Sceptic “ November 16th, 17th and 18th – have recorded a daily record, with the 18th plunging to –45.2°C, compared with –44.7°C on the same day in 1987. The records follow the six-month winter of 2020-21, which was the coldest since records began in 1957.”

Naturally the mainstream media is not reporting this at all.

Up at the North Pole it is the same story. Back to Toby Young’s fine website:

Arctic sea ice is making a significant, near silent comeback. Summer ice at the end of September covered 4.92 million square kilometres, which was 1.35 million sq kms higher than the 2012 low. Over on land, the Greenland ice sheet may have increased in size over the last year to August 2022. Meanwhile, the zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford has reported that this is the fifth year out of the last seven that enough sea ice has formed along the west coast of Hudson Bay by mid-November for hunting polar bears to be able to head out to the ice, “just as it did in the 1980s”.”

Now Al Gore predicted that polar bears would be extinct by now and how the young folk wept. Actually, there were 23,000 bears in 1980. Today there are 30,000 and numbers continue to grow year on year just as the ice caps of the North Pole also grow.

So maybe Fulham won’t be wiped off the map in seven years’ time after all. Damn.

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