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Sacking Suella Braverman – electoral suicide and caving to the mob

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 13 November 2023

Over the past few years this website has chronicled time and time again the manifest failings of the Police. Folks in this country who are law abiding, pay our taxes and do not hate where we live feel utter despair as the Fuzz let us down again and again and again. Using the metaphor of a lavatory leaking shit floating down the river by my fields, I explained my sense of despair a few weeks ago. That is heightened as I watch TV and see folks who break the laws, spew hate and unhappiness but support radical causes getting a free pass.  The one politician who dared to speak up for folks like me and my wife, and – I sense and polls suggest – the vast majority of the population, was Suella Braverman and, for that, she has today been sacked as Home Secretary.

The mob wanted her out. By that I mean the liberal media GroupThink bubble lead by the BBC which led every interview with a Tory for weeks by asking when Suella would be sacked. There was one of the folks marching for Hamas on Saturday who ripped into Braverman partly because her husband is Jewish.  Instead of telling folks who would never vote Tory in a million years that Suella was right and that they could get stuffed, weak Rishi Sunak caved to the mob.

The mob still won’t vote Tory. They will move onto a new target knowing that the Prime Minister is a spineless man who is devoid of principle. But large numbers of folks who did vote Tory last time will see this as the final straw, if they have not already jumped ship. We think the Police are useless on a number of levels including the different ways they treat folks with different opinions and now the one leading Tory who dares say so is sacked. Lady Thatcher will be spinning in her grave.

And to rub salt into the wounds of millions of core voters it appears that David Cameron – still mired in the sleaze of the Greensill scandal – the EU loving man a man who wanted to hug a hoodie, who set us on this mad green path which has sent fuel bills soaring is to be made a Lord to return to cabinet as Foreign Secretary.

For months it has been clear that the Tories are going to blow their massive majority at the General Election next year and that Labour will almost certainly be able to govern without the support of the crank minor parties.  But today’s kick in the teeth for core voters will be the final straw for many of them. Many will not vote at all, others will grit their teeth and vote against the Tories, knowing that a Labour Government will be a disaster but so too is this one. Who cares who is in charge they are all out of touch, big state, high tax, economically illiterate, smug bastards, the whole lot of them.

Sunak’s Tories stand for nothing and do nothing. The purpose of the party seems simply to be as a vehicle for certain privileged folks to be in power. I will be one of millions of 2019 Tory voters who will not be able to bring myself to vote for the bounders next year. Right now, I think I plan to spoil my ballot paper with a few choice words about the entire system, but the sacking of Braverman tempts me to actually vote against the Tories so much do I despise Rishi Sunak and those now around him. The Tory party deserves to be utterly humiliated so that it can start afresh under a new leader and that may well be Ms Braverman.

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