Findus Beef Lasagne is 100% Horse: the twitter jokes

Tom Winnifrith Friday 8 February 2013


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If you want a cracking home made lasagne using real beef and fresh ingredients and topped off with a creamy tomato and basil sauce come along to Real Man Pizza Company. in Clerkenwell and myself, Aldo or Damian will be delighted to deliver. Mention this blog today and we wll give you a free glass of our new Gascon wine with your meal.

If you want to pay £1 for a beef Lasagne you go somewhere cheap and ghastly and buy a Findus product. Yuk. I’d rather eat a horse. Oh, it seems that is just what folks have been doing. The twitter jokes follow:

@GraemeGarden1 What’s the fuss? For years we’ve been told that Ready Meals contain too much Salt and Shergar. #findus

Is there a time limit on when we should post #findus horse meat lasagne jokes? I need to know so come on… Yea or neigh..?

Now you know why farmers are so keen to round up all the badgers #Findus

#Findus now join the charge of the light brigade, admitting they have ridden roughshod over the traditional lasagne recipe

Oh not #Findus as well. I think we should face up to reality now and admit that we’ve all scoffed at least three horses without knowing

More proof that cheap food is bad for #horses!

My wife cooked me a #Findus lasagne last night she said “do you want anything on it?” I said a £5er each way

Morning All, let’s look on the brightside. At least you won’t get Mad Cow’s Disease from eating #Findus Lasagne

Young pony to old mare: “Where do we go when we die Mummy?” Old Mare: “To a far-away land called Tesco. That’s where you’ll #Findus.” Boom!

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