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Why UKIP is the ONLY sane and honest vote in Eastleigh

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 17 February 2013

I am not a UKIP member nor can my support be taken for granted – generally I despise all politicians and which they would just stop introducing laws and go away. And with that caveat I approach the looming by –election in Eastleigh with the conclusion that the ONLY sane and the ONLY honest vote is for UKIP.

The election is caused by liar and criminal Chris Huhne (Lib Dem) having to stand down because he is almost certainly heading for prison. In terms of Government and policy it will change nothing. We will still be ruled by this wretched Tory Lib Dem coalition and Labour will still be offering a principle free crackpot populist opposition. And as such an Eastleigh resident can vote with a clear conscience and on principle.

I start with why each of the candidates from the main three parties does not deserve to win a single vote before turning to UKIP.

Labour. The party drive the country to bankruptcy with crackpot economic policies. It has not apologised for that and promises more of the same of re-elected. Ditto immigration, crime, the EU , etc, etc. The Labour candidate says that he supported the Argies in the Falklands War and was sorry that the IRA did not kill Mrs Thatcher in the Brighton Bomb. He is obviously a scumbag of the highest order and deserves to win no votes at all. He will do marginally better than that.

The Lib Dems – I have no idea who has been selected to maintain the honourable tradition of Chris Huhne. The Lib Dems have compromised on most things they promised last time around in order to get a sniff of power. Their manifesto for the next election gets more extreme by the day – they snort the politics of envy and block any meaningful reforms. Huhne was in favour of joining the Euro, signing up to every act of EU madness and was a wind farm fanatic. I am sure that his replacement is no different.

The Conservative candidate has this weekend said that her son is “too clever” to go to a State school. The Tory party of Thatcher was one of freedom, of meritocracy of providing opportunity and allowing folks to keep more of the fruits of their labours. That is not the Rory party of today and this silly woman typifies that. She can afford private education and justifies that choice in a smug way. State education is failing the poorest in society as is the welfare system.

The tax system crushes the aspirant Middle classes and on all these matters the Conservative party of Osborne and Cameron does nothing. Instead it introduces draconian legislation on Civil Liberties matters which affect us all and obsesses about civil liberties matters which few outside Notting Hill and Islington care about. It lies on a systematic basis about our relationship with the EU, pretending to win gains when in fact we are rogered once again.

As such, given that this contest will change nothing, none of the established parties deserve to win a single vote.

I have a vague idea who the UKIP candidate is – Diana James. She seems a blameless woman and only joined UKIP and the political battle in 2010. She is the only candidate who could win who is not a long established member of the political class. That is a political class that is still gorging on expenses and which refuses to make the reforms to the way we are governed and to our parlous State finances that are so clearly needed. If you live in Eastleigh you should consider the reasons NOT to vote for the established political parties and not to send yet another member of the political classes to Westminster where they will represent not you, the electorate, but them (the political classes).

A vote for UKIP sends a message to the political classes that enough is enough

It sends a message that we do not want referenda on a range of issues that do not matter but we want a clean fair vote on our relationship with the EU NOW, before it is too late.

It sends a message to the Tories that the betrayal of the prudent, the hard working and the aspirant on tax, education and crime has just got to stop otherwise UKIP ( which offers clear policies which traditional Tories do actually support) will just grow and grow.

It sends a message to the Lib Dems that crackpot policies and bent MPs are not the way forward

And it sends a message to Labour that it must stop spinning and admit it messed up last time and come up with concrete changes on economic policies, the EI, immigration and reform of the public sector.

A UKIP vote is on this occasion both a positive and a negative vote. But in Eastleigh this time it is the only sane and honest vote.

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