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Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Syria Madness Edition

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 30 June 2013

I was tempted to lead on the news that a Tory MP who I had never heard of was given a standing ovation and embraced warmly at a meeting of his local association this week. For saying that the EU was a joke? That he believed in low taxes, reform of the welfare state or that he took a tough line on law and order? Be serious this is Call Me Dave's new look Tory Party and so it could only be one thing...Daniel Kawczynski outed himself as the UK's first openly bisexual MP. we give a damn who you shag but it would be kind of pleasing if you could cut the deficit/stand up to the EU, etc.

Now if an MP were to out himself as the UK's first MP not to fiddle his expenses that really would be something. Anyhow it has made Dave Cameron happy. Whatever. But instead I turn to red blooded heterosexual MP William Hague, aka the foreign secretary who would like to be a real macho man ( a great song by those other neo-Cons the YMCA) and get us all involved in the war in Syria. Wow after all the success we have had with our interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt (in flames this weekend) lets make it five straight wins and send lots of weapons (paid for by the UK Money Tree) off to the Islamofascist rebels in Syria.

Please post your captions to this picture in the comments section below by 9 AM on Friday.

For what it is worth my entry is:

As Britain's in Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria prepare to cast their postal votes:

Islamofascist One: I feel that Cameron has let down the moral majority over gay marriage
Islamofascist Two: But William Hague has sent us some nice new weapons
All: So we are agreed - lets vote Conservative

Last week I asked you for captions to this picture

I am afraid that no one trumped the entry from the Evil Son, viz

"We are marching to destroy capitalism so that we do not have to get a proper job"

Which, as it happens, was a real quote from a delegate to the recent People's Assembly. It almost makes you want to give up.

Anyhow let rip with your entries for this week's contest.

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