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Bon Voyage Abu Qatada – hardly a triumph for Theresa May

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 7 July 2013

Abu Qatada is an Islamofascist hate preacher with clear links to Al Qaeda. Finally, after ten years he is as we speak in a prison van heading off to the airport on a one way ticket to Jordan where he is going to goal for terrorist offences. This is being presented as a triumph for Home Secretary Theresa May and the Conservative Party “Tough on terrorism, tough on the causes of Terrorism (except in Syria where want to give guns to Al Qaeda).” Bollocks.

It has cost £2 million to deport this loathsome man. He and his family have taken the grateful taxpayer for another £3 million plus in benefits and free housing over the past decade. And that is a triumph?

Three questions for Mrs May:

1. How many other loathsome terrorists & murderers ( like that chappie in Coventry who killed 400 in Kenya) are living in the UK on benefits? Do you know the answer?

2. How soon will you kick them out?

3. Why is Mrs Qatada allowed to stay? She faces no trial back in Jordan and nor do the little Qatada’s. They are of no benefit to this country, show no inclination to work, may well share their father’s repellent views and remain a burden on the taxpayer. When Abu finishes his stretch in Jordan he will undoubtedly claim that it is a breach of his Human Rights not to be allowed to re-join his adoring family. So Mrs May do you plan to have the entire Qatada family booted out as well?

To save Mrs May the trouble of answering her reply if she was honest would be: No! Incredibly slowly at best but probably not at all. No!

As you know I’d happily let anyone into the UK but no benefits should be given until five years’ work with NI has been delivered. If Mrs May thinks this one (incredibly costly) partial triumph will make anyone think that the situation is under control, she is fooling only herself.


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