The Jaffa Stabba and the oh so wicked Jews in Israel on BBC News

Tom Winnifrith Thursday 10 March 2016


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It is Tuesday night in London and the News at Ten from the biased BBC reports on the stabba from Jaffa. Fiona Bruce lets us know that ten folks were stabbed including an American tourist in Israel but the identity of the assaillant is not known. Frigging hell it was a bad night for the wicked Jews - including as it happens a heavily pregnant woman - was it not and they still have no idea who did it?

Perhaps the BBC could have put this in context. There were three stabbing incidents in Israel on Tuesday. There are several each week. Without exception the assailant is from Gaza and the victim a wicked bloody Jew. And without exception the terrorist filth of Hamas will praise the attack and claim it as one of its.

Oooops did I say terrorist filth? How remiss. Perhaps I should desceribe Hamas as the BBC does "The legitimate Government of Gaza which execute opponents without trial and kills homosexuals but we dont mention the last two matters as it is a bit embarrassing. Anyhow they get vast amounts of EU aid so they must be good fellows."

Indeed the BBC could have gone one better for by 10 PM GMT the suspect had already been detained for several hours. Israel being Israel the cops had not killed him on sight or - as they do in Gaza - dragged him behind a speeding car through the streets until he was dead. The chap was alive and in custody and the rozzers had identified which village in Gaza he was from. Better still Hamas had already hailed the fellow as a hero. So everyone bar those listening to the "we hate the Jewish state" BBC did in in fact know the identity of the assailant.

As such the BBC's claim that this fellow's identity was a mystery and that this was just another stabbing in the land of the wicked Jews was - even by its tawdry standards of bias - a long way wide of the mark.

The fact that the assaillant is not dead is a mixed blessing for his family. You see it means they do not get to win the Gaza lotto. For had he been killed while butchering Jews then the Government would have paid out a vast lotto-win prize for the family. With the EU the biggest single funder of the Gazan state it is always good to know that our taxes go to such good causes.

But in this case the guy who tried to kill ten Jews (eleven if you count the unborn child but the BBC tends not to think that the unborn do count) is still alive so its no jackpot for his family back in Gaza. They might still get a smaller 5 numbers right prize but its not the same as an EU funded jackpot is it?

Oddly the BBC didn't mention the Gaza lotto in its report either. It never does.

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