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Brussels attacks - am sure Belgians once again feel that the EU makes them "safer in", the BBC flannels

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 22 March 2016

I listen to BBC Radio 4 which seems to be about twenty minutes behind twitter in reporting the latest attacks in Brussels. They are co-ordinated ISIS style. They come a few days after the arrest of the the most wanted man in Europe, an ISIS terrorist. Shouts in arabic were heard before the airport blast which took place next to the American Airlines desk. And naturally the BBC is reluctant to speculate about who might be responsible. Hmmmm let me have a guess?

Maybe it is the wicked Jews from Israel whom the BBC blames for most bad things in the Middle East? Or perhaps it was the Kurds? It is surely only a matter of time before the EU's new best friend, the fascist leader of Turkey, President Erdogan, blames our allies the brave Kurds for this atrocity? What, you think it might be ISIS? So do I. But it has not crossed anyone's mind at the BBC. That would, presumably, be racist.

Finally, 80 minutes into the coverage someone has dared meantion the ISIS word. Well done Frank Gardener.

Old fool Ken Clarke was on the show telling lies about Iain Duncan Smith. Perhaps he might have been asked to comment on the claims made by his side in the Brexit debate that Britain was safer from terrorist attack as a member of the EU. As the Parisians already know it does not always feel exactly that way does it?

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