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President Assad retakes Palmyra and is crushing ISIS - the West squirms, red faces all round

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 2 April 2016

You will remember how for the first two years of the War in Syria folks like Hilary Clinton, President Obama, David Cameron and the entire Western press corp told us that the really bad guy in Syria was President Assad. Okay his human rights record was actually among the least worst in the region but he had to go and so the West started arming and funding a coalition opposed to Assad, many of whom turned out to be Islamofascist supporters of Al-Qeada with a propensity for chopping folks heads off. But that did not matter because Assad was the bad guy. We are not at war with Al Qaeda, we have never been at War with Al Qaeda, pretened our leaders. George Orwell would have been proud of them.

I flagged up the fact that the folks we in the West werebacking were monsters several times - see HERE - but no-one cared and as the country descended into chaos the real Islamofascists of ISIS saw a vacuum and filled it.

The West and its allies such as Saudi Arabia - a Mid East Country which really does have an appalling human rights record - carried on funding and arming our own Islamofascists who seemed opretty bad at taking on ISIS and, anyway, were keener on fighting Assad. The Kurds were pretty good at fighting ISIS but sadly the West's other ally - Turkey - did not like the Kurds and so, for reasons I fail to grasp, was given cart blanche by the West to bomb the heroic Kurds, so helping ISIS.

And thus ISIS captured vast swathes of territory, butchering civilians, raping women and girls and destroying ancient relics as it went. Among its trophies was the World Heritage site at Palmyra near which we learn today that mass graves have been found.
That is because Palmyra has been recaptured and liberated. That is surely a good thing. The West rather grudgingly admits that it is. Its problem is that the liberation has been secured by President Assad's troops backed by Russian air power. Russia and President Putin were portrayed as bad guys by Clinton, Obama, Call Me Dave and the western media when they intervened.

But what Russia and Assad have done has been to almost wipe-out the Islamofascist Al Qaeda lovers the West was backing and with those butchers cleared out it has now got ISIS on the run in a way that the West's allies never managed. The Kurds are now also able to consolidate their lands and push ISIS back.

What is not to like? Folks from Al Qaeda and ISIS are being killed and territories they once ran are being freed. No more beheadings. No more oppression of women forced to be veiled from head to toe? The freedom to drink, smoke and say what you want restored. No more videos of homosexuals being chucked off tall buildings or stone to death. The bases of those who plant bombs in Paris and Brussels have been wiped out. World Heritage Sites are back in safe hands. Safe havens are being established so refugees can go home. Surely the West should be nominating President Putin for a Nobel peace prize and cheering President Assad for clearing his country of all the varieties of beareded head-choppers?

Indeed, perhaps President Assad might now give the Saudis lessons on how they might stop chopping heads off? Oh, sorry, I forgot, Saudi is our ally so can do what it wants. And having slated Putin and Assad the Western press and our idiotic leaders cannot now accept that those men are making Syria a better place, solving a problem the West helped to create.

Perhaps when Putin and Assad move onto ISIS headquarters at Raqqa and clear out the vipers at the heart of this nest of evil, our leaders and media might amit to their errors and praise the true heros of the situatuon. Meawhile it is red faces all round for the British media, notably the BBC, whose slavish reporting of the Government line is now exposed for the disgrace it was all along.

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