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When No Republicans get to vote Cruz wins, when real people vote Trump Wins - bring on New York

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 15 April 2016

Channel 4 News is happy to employ a reporter (Assed Baig) who appears to support islamofascists rather than British soldiers but that is what free speech is all about for the liberal left. When it comes to Donald Trump it means interviewing a collection of blacks and gays in New York who would be more likely to join the KKK than vote in a Republican Primary, and who were demanding that Trump leave town at once because he was a horrid bigot. Free speech for the left does not apply to folks you don't like and so Mr Trump needs to be drummed out of the town where he actually lives.

What do these folks demonstrating against the Donald tell us about the Republican primary. Nothing at all. You might as well ask a bunch of God fearing, gun owning, small businessmen from the Republican heartlands if they wanted to have sex with Mrs Clinton and on the basis of their answers make a call on the Democratic race. But what does the liberal media care about balance, truth or reporting what is actually going on?

As it happens polls among GOP voters in New York ahead of next week's primary show Trump on 52%, Kasich on 22% and Cruz ( the establishment choice) on just 19%. In other words the Donald is heading for a mammoth landslide in his home state, something the liberal British media just cannot bring itself to mention. It is not just that Trump is going to win, having been written off as in real trouble by the British liberal media after Wisconsin, but that he is going to win by a total landslide. They are not going to be counting The Donald's votes in NY but weighing them.

The British media says that Trump is going to struggle to get the required delegates to win an absolute majority at the Republican convention after losing the Wisconsin primary and the Colorado lesson in non-democracy. In that state party leaders ditched the idea of holding a Primary and last week gave all their delegates to Cruz. When real voters get to vote Trump wins, when no-one gets a vote Cruz wins.

Colorado was clearly a stitch up and seems to have boosted support for the Donald in New York and also in Pennsylvania, the next big vote where, surprise surprise, Trump is way ahead and Cruz third in the polls. Cruz has lost ground since being seen as a beneficiary of stitch up politics.

If Trump wins every congressional district in NY ( which he will) and also over 50% of the votes ( which he might) he gets all its delegates and that might just give him a shout at winning the convention on the first poll.

Nationally among Republicans Trump is now polling 41% to Cruz on 29% and Kasich on 18%. In a two man race it is 48% Trump to 38% Cruz. It is clear that GOP voters want Trump. Should he fall just short of a majority of delegates and the party elders decide to stitch up a brokered convention to "crown" a candidate other than Trump most Trump voters (64%) want him to run as an Independent.

That in theory would see the loathsome Clinton woman home and dry in the General. That is unless mad Bernie Sanders actually wins more elected delegates to the Dem convention but Clinton wins the nomination thanks to Super Delegates in which case Mad Bernie might just also run as an Independent. In a four horse race with insurgents from both left and right anything can happen. I shall look at the Democratic race later.

At some point the liberal British media is going to have to admit that the free speech denying die-hard Democrat protestors demanding Trump be kicked out of his home town are not exactly representative of GOP voters and that Trump is going to win New York and Pennsylvania by a landslide. The only question is whether he manager to get 1 vote over 50% in NY. That is all that matters.

The only other question is how a Trump landslide and Cruz coming third will be spun by the liberal media pundits and GOP establishment as bad new for The Donald and a good result for stitch-up Cruz.

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