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Third Lawyer's Letter received from Web Sheriff, the bully boy solicitors to celebrities xxxxx and xxxxxx

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 28 April 2016

This time I just told the Web Sheriff law firm where to stick it. The article it objects to mentioned none of the matters currently covered by the injunction it merely mentioned celebrities xxxxxx and xxxxxx in a wholly different context. Is there really now a blanket ban on reporting all aspects of their lives? No there is not.

It is not the job of the Web Sheriff law firm to enforce the innjunction and I have repeatedly asked it when the UK Government gave it authority to do so? Of course it has not. The Web Sheriff firm declines to answer that question and nor will it say for whom it acts although it is bloddy obvious.

But that has not stopped it racking up huge fees from xxxxx and xxxxx for sending out threatening letters to bloggers, folks on twitter and to google which cravenly removes any links to any article which the Web Sheriff says breaches the injunction even when they patently do not.

Meanwhile given that almost two thirds of the population must by now know who xxxx and xxxxxxx are (it was 55% last week and growing) and what the younger got up to the Supreme Court will decide shortly if there is any point in maintaining this injunction. Patently there is not.

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