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Dodgy Dave and the sneering elite respond to Brexit camp immigration plans with more lies

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 4 June 2016

In today's Daily Telegraph the columnist Allison Pearson describes how when debating Brexit with multi-millionaire PR man Roland Rudd (brother of dimwit cabinet minister Amber) she was told that "Allison does not want any immigrants coming to this country". The traditional retort to those to question any aspect of immigration policy is "you're racist"

As Pearson points out, the Rudds were kids of a millionaire stockbroker and then went to posh public school and Oxford (just like Dodgy Dave Cameron himself). They have never experienced the downside of immigration: downward pressure on wages for lower earners and problems getting access to schools and healthcare in certain areas or pressure on the housing list. For them as affluent employers and consumers immigration is all upside. And thus the rich and middle classes have for years branded anyone who queried our policies as racist. The most excellent Priti Patel, who also thinks current policies are crackers, came up with the same analysis.I guess Priti is a racist too. Heck so many of us who didn't grow up in millionaire households seem to be racists these days.

And that matters in terms of Brexit at two levels. Firstly there is the Turkey issue. It will join the EU at some stage. And if we are in then its 75 million punters plus a few million refugees now living in Turkey all have the right to come to the UK and polls suggest that, understandably, many want to. Dodgy Dave says this will never happen so here is a quiz question for you. Who said:

"I will remain your strongest possible advocate of EU membership , together I want to help Turkey pave the road from Ankara to Brussels."

Yes it was 2010 and Dodgy Dave Cameron himself. Turkey will join one day and those who want us to stay in the EU just do not explain how we will handle this. Oh and Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro will also be joining soon but I guess the Albanians who pitch up will not be moving to the neighbourhoods where folks like Cameron or the Rudds live, nor will their kids try to get into the sort of schools where little Camerons or Rudds are educated meaning that the little Camerons and Rudds end up at 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice academies.

Then there is the proposal from the leavers that Britain apply an Australian style points system to ensure we admit only those we want to admit from wherever in the world rather than the current system of points for non Europeans (the darkies) and free access for Europeans (the whities). Those in Project Fear started by saying that the proposal articulated by Boris (half Turkish, born in the USA), Gove and Priti Patel was a touch racist implying it was certain to reduce numbers. At the same time they said, look at Australia it will increase immigration! Talk about having your cake and eating it.

Australia is a vast continent with just 22 million citizens so it needs more folks. But its system allows it to decide exactly who it wants and also to control the flow. If it wanted to slash immigration it just ups the points needed and vice versa. The key point here is that Australia gets to decide exactly how many folks it admits and what skills they must have and it does it in a 100% colour blind manner, there are no bonus points for being an Aryan from Europe unlike our own racist system.

My own solution is of course totally free movement but zero state benefits for anyone (including native Brits) until they have paid five years of taxes. But that will not happen given the reluctance of the political classes to really tackle the welfare culture.

As a half way house Aussie points is clearly less racist and fairer and better for Britain than the current EU mess. There is no argument against it so elitists such as the PR supremo Roland Rat must merely resort to the smear of "racism" or the patent lie that Aussie Points will lead to more immigration. Even folks like Rat and his ghastly sister Amber must be aware that they are talking utter rubbish. On this matter, camp Brexit has won the debate and perhaps now the referendum might go the right way. I am starting to hope again.

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