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US actor Matt Damon tells us how to vote on Brexit - so what you little prick?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 4 June 2016

It has been widely reported that the pompous US actor Matt Damon has opined on Brexit, branding it "insane". Mr Damon's qualifications as a political scientist or an economist are unclear. He did go to Harvard but dropped out before graduating and studied English. To suggest that he has any expertise on the finer points of Brexit would therefore be somewhat pushing the limits of plausibility.

And, as an American, no-one should really care what Matt Damon thinks about a British issue. Perhaps with his enormous intellect Mr Damon might discuss when was the last time that American citizens took heed of overseas counsel in terms of making domestic policy decisions? After 1776 we Brits stopped deciding how Americans live and what is sauce for the goose is surely sauce for the gander. Or does Matt Damon think that America and Americans have a right to tell the rest of the world what is good for us? Go on eat up your greens little child, think about the starving children in Africa.

Of course Mr Damon is an actor, a fecking celebrity. That means we are obliged to imbibe an airbrushed view of his life as we buy his products making him ever wealthier and then listen to his predictably liberal and dreary views on global warming (big threat, get the Government to take more money from poor people to fight it), Donald Trump (bad man) and now Brexit (bad).

Is anyone out there actually swayed ahead of the referendum by what this self-obsessed little prick says?

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