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A Vote for Brexit a vote to end Western civilisation or just for mass sexism - today's tough choice from Project Fear

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 13 June 2016

You rather know that those in Project Fear are panicking when they switch their lead spokesman from Dodgy Dave Cameron to ex PM Gordon Brown at this late stage in the polls. That would be the same Gordon Brown who sold all our gold at the lowest possible price, who trainwrecked the economy as PM and who, in his disastrous only election campaign as leader, went around calling nice little old ladies bigots. Yes it is that Gordon Brown.

In footballing terms It is like swapping an injured Wayne Rooney for Venessa Feltz as England try to win Euro 2016. Remain was doing badly enough already , now it is hexed by the curse of Jonah.

But still Project Fear strides on. Today Harriet Harman tells us, with no evidence whatsoever to validate her claim, that leaving the EU will cause a surge in sexism. Top Eurocrat Donald Tusk goes far further, predicting that Brexit will cause the collapse of Western Civilization.

Can anyone trump that with a prediction of something really crazy like Brexit making World War Three more likely...oh, sorry Dodgy Dave has tried that one already. With what threat can Gordon Brown now up the ante? I can hardly wait.

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