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The Best of the Baroness Warsi twitter ridicule as this repellent liar craves publicity again on Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 20 June 2016

Baroness Warsi is an unelected Tory politician with a track record of dodgy business dealings who says the most appalling things to gain publicity. Today she has announced that she is leaving the "Leave" campaign on Brexit and joining "Remain" because of all the racism, xenophobia and bigotry of folks like Priti patel and Gisela Stuart. The BBC laps it up as a major blow for Brexit. The only problem is that the silly cow Warsi never actually joined the Leave campaign.

Please don't let that stop Project Fear treating this as news but it is all bogus. On twitter the derision is palpable. Among the best tweets are:

BREXIT 23.06.2016 ‏@OffencePolice 2h2 hours ago
Baroness Warsi has also announced she has asked Claudio Ranieri for a transfer from Leicester City, where she was last year's star striker

Julia Hartley-Brewer ‏@JuliaHB1 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi has announced that she will no longer be headlining at Glastonbury.

Raheem Kassam ‏@RaheemKassam 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi is set to give a lecture on what it was like to be the first man on the moon

Julia Hartley-Brewer ‏@JuliaHB1 2h2 hours ago

BREAKING: Baroness Warsi announces that she will no longer be competing for Team GB in the 100metre sprint at the Rio Olympics

Marcher Lord ‏@MarcherLord1 32m32 minutes ago

Using Baroness Warsi's logic, I have just emailed Warren Gatland to let him know that I've now officially retired from international rugby

Ken Sampson ‏@sampson_ken 5m5 minutes ago

@StrongerIn Breaking news - Baroness Warsi has just announced she is leaving the Labour Party and becoming a Tory.

But watch the BBC, the Guardian, lyin' David Cameron et all treat this is major news. The narrative of the last few days from Project Fear will be Brexit, racist, don't talk about immigration, Jo Cox dedicated campaigner for the EU, the politics of hate, right wing murderers, etc.

They lost the argument but I fear they are winning the smears.

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