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The Guardian on racists, Brexit supporters and stupid people

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 5 July 2016

As I am with my father in Shipston the paper delivered each day is the Guardian and my father is delighting in reading out various excerpts just to annoy me. Since he is a closet reactionary they also make him despair but he has been well trained by my step mother, who actually agrees with much of this nonsense, to hide that despair. That is until he gets to the White Bear where he can read the Daily Telegraph and smile in open agreement.

On page 33 of the Guardian there is a section where a history teacher who blogs as "disappointed idealist" offers hints on what to tell your kids in school if they ask awkward questions. Today the teacher answers the question that all the kids are apparently asking about Brexit, "are all leave voters racist?" The answer:

Not at all, But all racists were almost certainly leave voters. Although as racists aren't generally the brightest sparks there is always a chance they crossed the wrong box"


How predictable. That Anjem Choudary, the Islamic hate preacher who supporets ISIS was as a keen backer of Remain as he is of killing the Jews. I reckon he's a racist but for many Guardian readers, such as Mr Livingstone and his followers, anti-semitism is an acceptable form of racism so maybe I have got that a bit wrong.

The wicked Jews are I gather fair game for lefties these days. This is a discussion about what the Guardian terms real racism. There is of course aboslutely no hard data showing that all racists (apart from Anjem who doesnt count as he only hates the Jews) were leave voters but what does that matter for teachers?

It bloody well should do. Telling kids something as a fact when you have only very limited anecdotal evidence as opposed to comrehesive hard data is just not very...professional. Or it did not use to be.

I blog in my own name but am this morning a truly "disappointed taxpayer". I am sorely disapponted that my taxes are paying bigots like this to fill the heads of young people with such palpable crap. 

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