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Lying Leadsom walks, the Establishment loves May and the nation gets crosser

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 11 July 2016

Andrea Leadsom was not my favoured candidate to be PM for a variety of reasons. In short she was a liar and socially illiberal and so I wanted her to lose even though Theresa May is, herself, a ghastly piece of work. I guess she now walks into Downing Street. Leadsom has, this morning, after apologising for making vile remarks that 48 hours ago she was smearing jounalists by claiming she had not made, pulled out of the race, May is crowned not elected.

The problem is that for many of us she is just another career politician who went to Oxbridge and has bugger all real life experience. She promised tough action on immigration - in a rather nasty fashion - but delivered only inaction. And she was on the wrong side in the EU Referendum. She wanted to stay.

Tory MPs are today saying what a jolly good woman Mrs May is and how their party is united as opposed to Labour which is not. That may be the case. But for many folks this is just the establishment rallying around each other. I did not like Leadsom but wished that an insurgency within the Tories had challenged that establishment. It is as if the Country Club Republicans who were so out of touch with the party base had managed to get Trump to withdraw and allowed little Marco Rubio to win unchallenged.

The Coronation of Remain supporting Mrs May will do nothing to arrest the long term decline in Tory membership or to reach out to a vast audience of "Thatcher Tories" or indeed Labour heartland Brexiteers who now find themselves without a voice.

The trouble is that no one really wants to speak for those people, bar UKIP. The establishment can celebrate with a kiss and make up session at Tory HQ and champers all round. The rest of us could not give a damn. We get on with our lives and think "fuck the lot of you." Are we so really sure that our Glorious Revolution rather than the French Revolution is the model for Britain as it seeks as way forward?

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