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Corbyn vs Eagle: Who should a #Tory4Corbyn back? Eagle has a lot of plus points

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 11 July 2016

It looks very likely indeed that by tomorrow the post Brexit political pantomime will move on to Comrade Corbyn vs Blairite Kulak Angela Eagle in a battle to become the new leader of the Labour Party. The kulak MPs are backing Eagle but we loyal party members, including the massed battalions of my fellow exploited workers who joined with me last summer, appear to be standing firm with our man Jezza. But I admit that I am wavering.

You may say that Comrade Corbyn is certain to lead the People's Party to electoral catastrophe. And I am minded to agree. But during the referendum campaign, the Blairite poodle Ms Eagle distinguished herself with debate performances which were mean spirited, unpleasant and intellectually very weak indeed. She made the lamentable Amber Rudd seem line a Nobel prize winner and comrade Corbyn seem both Churchillian as an orator and also vaguely likeable.

Would you rather sit down for a pint with the beareded old loon droning on about his five year plan for tractor production or sit opposite Eagle scowling at you and just being nasty about everyone while quoting stats on affirmative action programmes? I honestly think I'd rather spend my time with the bearded old loon and I suspec t many ordinary voters would regard it something of a Hobson's choice but in the end agree with me.

And then what does Ms Eagle stand for? She was enthusaistic about Remain (Corbyn was not), very pro the illegal Iraq war (Corbyn was not) and cares deeply about metropolitan liberal issues such as sexuality and affirmative action for women. These may be important matters but they are not the prime concerns of what used to be termed the "core vote" and on Iraq/EU she is on a different side of the barricades to the core vote, Corbyn is not. Put bluntly, Eagle's chances of stopping Labour's core working class vote abandining it altogether are even more remote than those of Comrade Corbyn.

The gushing endorsement of the Blairite metropolitan elite for Ms Eagle tells you everything you need to know. She might just be the one person in Labour who would make it even less electable than Comrade Corbyn. Being well ahead of the game, I flagged this up some weeks ago and I am now genuinely torn. Should I remain on the barricades with my comrades to support Comrade Corbyn or should I consider a tactical switch to Ms Eagle?

Who dear readers do you regard as best placed to lead the People's Party forward to civil war and complete electoral oblivion? Both candidates seem incredibly well suited to the task a hand but which is just that bit more up to the job?

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