Theresa May promotes useless women to show she is so goddamn progressive - I despair

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 13 July 2016


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Having trotted out a load of left wing tosh about how she planed to trainwreck the private sector in order to bring the nation together, Theresa May has today moved forward with her project to rebrand conservatism. No longer will it be the Nasty Party. It is now just an increasingly "silly party"

She has not actually announced who will be in her cabinet of all the talentless but has let the papers know. Aaah the joys of spin. The Politicians tell their media mates in the Westminster bubble what they will do and in return the fourth estates trumpets every non event as a triumph. Even the Guardian was lapping up today's horeshit as it was so utterly liberal - affirmative action quotas in Government for both women and for the terribly stupid. Which is especially good news for Amber Rudd as she is a leading light in both oppressed minorities.

We the plebs are expected to lap it up and to care.

In the good old days the Tory Party believed in meritocracy but that idea now just seems so terribly 20th century. New PM Theresa May has let it be known that her prime goal in shaping the cabinet is to have more women to "address the gender imbalance". And this is meant to be a politician who wants to reconnect with a pissed off great unwashed?

Out here in the real world we care not whether a cabinet minister is a woman or a man, whether they have had children or not and whether they are gay or straight. We do not want targets based on who you shag or what, if anything, results from that shagging. Would it be too much to ask just to have a cabinet with the most talented people in it?

Instead we are told that George Osborne might lose out on being offered a top job because Mrs May wants more women in senior roles. Bollocks! The clot should be sacked for years of incompetence and his dreadful lies and threats in the referendum not for being a man. Talking of which, the incredibly dim Amber Rudd who behaved so badly in the campaign and has truly alienated we Brexit voters with her personal smears may be made Chancellor. Whatever. Never before has there been a more
classic demonstration of the downside of affirmative action.

If Mrs May thinks that appointing a thick, former bankster, member of the elite like Rudd who insulted so many Brexit voters just weeks ago to the top job in cabinet is really going to reach out to a wider audience she is gravely mistaken.

The first 48 hours of the May show, have demonstrated that she is even more of an heir to Blair than her predecessor. Will we ever again have a real Tory in Downing Street?

Right now the closest we have got is Larry the Cat.

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