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Jeepers, as a #Tory4Corbyn I am now really confused -Jezza might actually be the best Labour has, so the worst choice for leader

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 17 July 2016

I was pretty much convinced that I was right to back Comrade Corbyn as the man to lead Labour to complete electoral disaster although I was flirting with sour faced warmonger Angela Eagle. News that my lefty sister N and her half German husband were now backing Angela Eagle as the best ABC (Anyone But Corbyn) candidate only made me more certain that I should, as a loyal party member since last summer, stand firm with Jezza. But today's Sun has a shocking poll.

Punters are asked how they would vote in a General Election with the loathsome Theresa May leading the Tories and Labour being lead by Comrade Corbyn, warmongering Angela Eagle or the third candidate who is not even a household name in his own household but is apparently called Mr Smith. Mr Smith says he is left wing but apparently also supported Comrade Blair's illegal war in Iraq and privatizing most of the NHS so may well, in fact, be more right wing than Theresa May. Will Mr Smith support affirmative action to ensure that the cabinet is stacked full of both women and also total imbeciles with at least one member filling the Amber Rudd seat, that is to say belonging to both oppressed minorities?

The results of the poll are:

May V Corbyn Con-43% Lab-28%
May V Smith Con-42% Lab-27%
May V Eagle Con-43% Lab-26%

You do not need to have the mathematical skills Andrea Loathsome learned in her high flying investment banking career counting the money for the ATM machines at Barclays Bank (Uxbridge branch), to see that with Comrade Corbyn or Comrade Smith in charge we in the people's party lose by 15% but with Comrade Eagle in charge we lose by 17%.

I have flagged up before the possibility that the woman touted by the modernisers, the war mongering metroplolitan elite whose views are almost entirely a complete anathema to traditional Labour voters, as the woman to unite the Party was Ms Eagle. I am now seriously considering the possibility that in the interests of family unity I should stand shoulder to shoulder with comrade sister N and her husband the kraut in support of Comrade Eagle.

This is proving a most difficult contest, for those of us in our wing of the Labour Party to desice whom to back. The more one learns of Ms Eagle the more qualities it is clear that she has to offer the People's Party in its quest for electoral oblivion. I guess I am a floating voter once again.

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