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Nice attacker lone wolf theory crushed: five arrested - liberal media's five stages of denial

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 July 2016

When poor Jo Cox, the late Labour MP for somewhere Grim in the North was murdered the British Liberal media did their utomost to pin the ghastly crime to the Brexit campaign. So what if the killer had spent ages in an asylum was on medication and called social services in a right old state the day before? That did not matter. Not once was the phrase "lone wolf" used. If the liberals could not link him directly to Brexit it was enough to find a few posters erected several hundred miles away by UKIP and Leave or a few harsh words from Boris Johnson and claim these "turned the poor chap".

Wind forward to the Nice attack which killed 84 folks and the liberal media could not allow itself to consider that the Islamofascists of ISIS were somehow involved and so the BBC really tried, as per normal, to ban the M word. There is more chance of Alan Partridge or Delia Smith being named by the BBC for the attack on the airbase in Norfolk this week than of it using the M word in connection with the assault.

But the first stage of denial is to imply it might have been an accident. Nothing to do with terrorism at all - as we saw HERE

Stage two is to suggest that the guy had mental issues. That of course is no excuse if you are killing a Labour MP. However crazy you are, you only kill lefties if you are incited to do so by Nigel Frage standing in front of a poster 300 miles away. But Islamists who are crazy are just crazy all by themselves. Move along now don't ask any questions.

Stage three is to suggest that the killer is a lone wolf. Please note that white Christians who kill Labour MPs cannot be a lone wolf. They must be connected to right wingers especially if they themselves are not actually right wing. But Moslem killers or black guys who kill cops in America are, in liberal eyes, likely to be acting alone. Okay they watched loads of videos from ISIS on the Internet or posted support of BlackLivesMatter and videos saying cops should be killed but they are always lone wolves. One bad apple does not ruin the orchard and all that.

Stage four is to point out who are the real victims. Obviously they are not French Christian folks or cops in America. Nope the tears are being shed in Mosques not Churches says gushing Lucy Williamson on the BBC, HERE.

Stage five. Now this is getting tricky, the "lone wolf" in Nice watched jihadist videos and was working with five other Moslems. If it is in America it would be easy, just blame it on the availability of guns which is all the fault of the Republicans and Donald Trump. What? The killer used a Lorry or an axe? Er well blame it on Trump anyway. In Europe well naturally it is Brexit campaigners who stirred up racial tensions. Yes that is it, let's blame Priti Patel and Gisela Stuart for Nice.

Its so simple this reporting game when you work for the BBC or C4 News. And the people really believe every word the media spouts don't they?

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