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Four lone wolves in Germany have no connection - UK lone wolf is Right wing nutter: the BBC speaks

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 July 2016

Two more lone wolves struck in Germany tonight - a bloke with a machete killed two folks. The pertinent facts here according to the liberal media were that he was pinned down by a Moslem and that one of his victims was an immigrant, a Pole. Then in Ansbach a man denied entrance to a 2000 person music festival blew himself up injuring ten people outside a wine bar. The BBC wants us to know both are lone wolves. So was the killer of nine in Munich on Friday night and the chap with the axe earlier last week. All lone wolves. Meanwhile...

The chap who killed Labour MP Jo Cox may have acted alone and was clearly 100% bonkers but he was a right wing extremist. So said the liberal press and especially the BBC. Not only was he right wing but he was driven to act by politicians who raised concerns about immigration. He was never described as a lone wolf.

There is, of course, one common link between all four killers or wannabee killers: they are all Moslems. Okay I am jumping the gun on the Ansbach bomber but I reckon the odds on him being Jewish or a Mormon are going to be fairly long. Whilst the vast majority Muslims do not aspire to be mass murderers, the majority of crazed mass killers or wannabee killers these days do appear to be Moslems. But in making that observation the BBC would no doubt regard me as a racist or bigot. That is what you get these days for stating what is simply a fact.

The German Police also seem reluctant to accept that it seems to have a bit of a problem with these Moslem lone wolves. Just as it did not wish to accept that there had been a spot of bother on New Year's Eve in Cologne with the groping and raping. The rozzers can demand that we do not engage in speculation about all these lone wolves and some Germans will be good Germans and obey those orders. But increasing numbers will not.

In this country the BBC can decline to join up the dots but folks are not thick either. Across Europe the more attacks that occur which are carried out by folks who are to be Moslem the more terrified the rest of society - and that includes the majority of Moslems who are law abiding souls - will become.

And for the establishment and the liberal media just to deny the links, to deny that there is a problem and to continue behaving with unchanged policies as if there is no problem will simply turn that fear to anger. If you want to fuel racism in Europe, the "denial" of the media and the authorities of facts we can all see with our own eyes is the right way to go about it.

PS. The bomb was carried inside a backpack. Clearly our streets will not be safe until the liberal political class acts. Ban backpacks now before anyone else is killed.

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