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How will the media spin the divided Democrats & will Wikileaks send Crooked Hillary to jail?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 July 2016

By the end of the last week most of the media had to admit that the GOP convention had ended well for Trump. Lyin' Ted Cruz was dismissed as a sore loser and a nasty piece of work for his non-endorsement and the Trump speech went down well.

The Beltway liberals tried to say that Trump offered a dark vision of an America with problems and that was really not on. Well we all know that in Manhattan, DC and LA real estate and stockmarket bubbles mean that everyone thinks life is dandy. But in the rest of the country there is no asset bubble, folks feel left out, threatened and angry. Gradually it is dawning on those in the political and media elite who only visit the flyover states once every four years that what Trump says is how much of America feels.

But now it is the turn of the Dems. Kylie Morris and her pals at C4 wanted to portray the Republicans as massively divided but failed. For it seems that while the Country Club elite may not like Trump, the vast majority of GOP voters who backed others in the Primaries are swinging behind The Donald. But in the run up to Philadelphia we still see 20% of those who voted for Sanders ( just under 50% of Dems) are now going to back Trump so much do they hate crooked Hillary. Meanwhile other Sanders followers will just not vote at all. How will Kylie and the Beltway classes present the Democrats as united?

That task become a bit harder yesterday as Wikileaks published half a million emails showing that the DNC broke all its own rules to assist Hillary in the primaries. Some of it was downright nasty, trying to get the issue of Sanders not having a Christian faith, for he is a Jew, raised in conservative states. This is foul. Sanders supporters sensed they had been robbed by the party establishment, now they know it. The Democrats will not be displaying much brotherly love in Philly this week - lets see how the BBC spins its way out that pickle.

As a bonus Wikileaks says it has more emails some of which will, it claims, send Crooked Hillary to jail and that it will release them this week. I pray that it does not. Could it not wait until Sunday when the Convention is over? That would cause total mayhem for the Dems and so be far more entertaining for those of us sitting in the bleachers with our beer and popcorn.

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