EU leaders react to Brexit by ignoring the little people even more

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 24 August 2016


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You would have thought that leaders of the failing Evil Empire would have reacted to Brexit and the surge in support for anti EU parties across the continent by at least pretending to listen to the people of Europe. Surely a few cliches about "we must listen" would have been standard spin. But the EU really does not care.

And thus the leaders of Germany, Italy and France have just met out to map out the way forward. Heck, no need to invite the 24 smaller nations. the great Axis powers and Vichy France will make the decisions and the puppet rulers of the Lebensraum nations will just do what they are told. The trio met up on some Italian island where the founding fathers of the EU had also met to map out their dream and Europe's nightmare. The symbolism was clear, the EU is not listening. And so the answer that the EU's heavy hitters came up to growing popular discontent was more integration. The leaders are not listening to the little people it is full steam ahead.

As if to make that point even more clear, EU boss Mr Juncker opined, in a rare moment of sobriety, that the worst invention ever was national borders. As countries across the EU start to take the view that open borders are bad news when it comes to controlling illegal immigrants and terrorists and so so in the face of a massive groundswell of popular opinion, Juncker says we must head in the opposite direction.

Of course it is not the wel guarded elite who get killed by ISIS and it is not the very well paid elite that suffer downward wage pressure as a result of migration. Being blown up or taking a pay cut, that is for little people.

The EU elite say that opposition to the Evil Empire is lead by deranged right wingers like Madame Le Pen. What they fail to understand is that so many folks are so revolted by the EU that they are forced to follow Madame Le Pen and her ilk. That is because the mainstream political elite, especially on the left, are - like Goldman Sachs, the other banksters and big business, travelling first class on the Express Train to more integration and a more powerful super state.

The ordinary folk of Europe have been abandoned by a political elite who once again have made it clear that they just do not care. Pensioners in Greece living in 9 Euro a day? Spanish youth unemployment at 65%? Another terror attack by a French National last night? Portuguese and Italian banks one inch from failing? The Euro elite think there is just no problem. There is. And that is why the UK will not be the last nation to decide that it is better off out.

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