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The family of 10 french immigrants who "deserve" a bigger house paid for by you

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 8 September 2016

Mr Arnold Mballe Sub, his Mrs and eight kids moved from France to Luton in 2012 so that he could study to be a mental health nurse at the University of Bedforshire with the NHS picking up the £27,000 fee for the course. Neither Arnold or his Mrs work, they are currently housed in a three bedroom house. Before that they clocked up a bill of £38,400 staying in a hotel for four months. Actually it was worse. The family ordered hotel meals of £21,000 and then refused to pay leaving the Council to foot that bill as well. Chuck in benefits and this lot have cost the taxpayer £103,000 in the past year. It gets worse.

The family want a larger house which, natch, will be paid for by the State. They have been offered several five bed houses which might see some of the brats having to share but they are young so that should be okay. But apparently that would not have enough storage space so the family want more and they want it now. They accuse the State of leaving them feeling "neglected. At this point you and I might start to use the words "ungrateful parasites."

We all know that these spongers will get a larger house. They will be a lifelong drain on a State funded by hard working taxpayers and taking up nil cost accommodation in an area with a housing shortage. The British taxpayer has to pay for a French family. At every level you can see this is wrong. What on earth was the NHS, which is always bleating on about how underfunded it is, thinking when it organised this bonkers arrangement?

For years the media and political establishment has cried "racist" when anyone questions immigration or open borders with full welfare entitlements within the EU. When cases like this one crop up, time and time again we are assured that they are "one-offs". We all know that there are vast numbers of such "one-offs" but to express that view is racist so we can't say a thing.

I do not blame Arnold for a second. He has spotted that there is a flawed system and is quite legitimately milking it for all he can get. Don't blame Arnold blame the system.

And above all blame a political and media class which does not suffer any of the consequences of this structural insanity, that is for ordinary taxpayers, and has united in smearing anyone stupid enough to point out what was actually happening. it is the elite that created Arnold and his family and that elite still does not see the error if its ways, merely innate evil in anyone who raises a criticism of anything to do with immigration.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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